Aggregated list of all open source ICON related repos

Hey everyone, I posted this on Reddit a few days ago but thought I’d also share it here to get the conversations going. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

We compiled a short list of open source work in a single table with links to the projects. The list is not exhaustive so anyone who is doing open source work or has tutorials with open source code is invited to add items. Ping @robcio on TG for invite or links to repos.

Reddit post goes into more detail about the importance of open source if you want to give that a read.

Main thing is to aggregate all the code in one place. There is also which I am hoping the notion list will compliment and potentially feed into. Would also be good to have an awesome list which will also come out of this list. It is just easier to work with notion tables for this kind of stuff than a spreadsheet.

Let me know your thoughts.