Acquire Domain Name

Currently, ICON resources are spread across various domains/subdomains for example:,,,,, This can be confusing to users, hard to find on search engines (attached screenshots) and fragments marketing efforts.

Having a premium domain,, will have an everlasting positive impact on the project. The name is direct and easy to remember, looks good on marketing material, and can serve as the destination for the Icon Network. Also link juice / traffic will flow into a single domain which will help with SEO and Alexa / SimilarWeb rankings.

In the simplest scenario, the domain will be acquired (held by the Foundation or Icon Republic) with the dns settings set up accordingly,,,,, etc.

The domain’s BIN is $250,000 but can likely be negotiated and/or paid off in installments. While this may seem high, the domain was first registered in 1999, and is a one-of-a-kind asset, perfect for ICON. Given the ramp up in marketing after Icon 2.0, this is an opportune time to get this domain and start using it asap.

Btw, I have no affiliation with the seller or broker - just genuine interest in helping get this name for ICON and streamlining the current online resources so everything can reach its full potential.

Onwards and Upwards!