About the Improvement Proposals category

This category is to be used for discussions about ICON Improvement Proposals, also called IIPs. Similar conversations take place in the Github Repository. However, to make this discussion category more available to the ICON Community, we encourage proposals and general discussions about ICON Improvement Proposals to take place here as well.

What would you like to see? How can ICON be improved?

It is recommended to have a preliminary discussion about a particular topic in this forum category before submitting a Pull Request to the Github repo

IIP Acceptance Steps

  1. Discuss in this forum. Tag the appropriate parties
  2. Submit Pull Request in the Github Repository
  3. Raise an Issue using the IIP Issue Template, with the ‘discussions-to’ link pointing to the Pull Request. Title the Issue appropriately. For example: “Discussion for IRC-XXX”, where ‘XXX’ is the number of the Pull Request. Tag the appropriate parties
  4. Continue to discuss in the Issue
  5. Get approval of one of the verified approvers of IIPs. At current this is @sink772

Before submitting Pull Request for a new proposal, it would be preferable to create a Github issue first on the IIP repo to allocate a proper IIP number as you can see in ICON Multi Token Standard. Then set the “discussions-to” link in the proposal PR to the Github issue number.
In this way, we can track further modification PRs on the specific IIP issue page.

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@sink772 I have set it up like the EIPs PRs and discussions are setup. There is first the Pull Request, then a discussions-to link to the Pull Request. All PRs should go through discussion first.