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Hi Min and ICX team! I’ve been a big fan for a long long time now, and I’ve held ICX since Dec 2018. I’ve been following your progress since the early days, and I’ve always wanted to see if I could contribute someday full time. I’m a marketeer by profession and my strengths are collaboration, ideation, brand development and brand leadership. I would be honoured to offer my services to ICX. I’m currently looking out for opportunities, so I’m available immediately.

A lot of my work has been behind the scenes, strategy and team building/leadership so I may not have too many publicly available content to share.

Links to some of the bigger things I’ve done:

https://youtu.be/OPHmxU1PYlM (a music festival managed by me)

https://youtu.be/TTtLBfU-wNc (a television commercial for building a brand with messaging, a very successful brand in india)

I’m only able to attach two links to this post, and I can’t upload a PDF of my resume, so I’ll share that in the next post.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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I’m not able to attach my resume here since it doesn’t accept PDF. So sharing a google drive link for the same:


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NICE! Thanks for the first post. It’d be great if you could formally create a NEW TOPIC under Hire Me Section with all your information that you just posted here as a comment.

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Thank you for your reply! You got it!