About the Contribution Proposals category

The Contribution Proposals Category is for initial discussions of specific Contribution Proposals prior to going to on-chain voting using the actual CPS. ICONists interested in submitting a Contribution Proposal should first write it out here on the forum, gather feedback from P-Reps and other community members, find a P-Rep to “Sponsor” the proposal, then formally submit on the CPS Dashboard (hyperlink coming soon!) during an application period.


  1. Each topic in this category must be a specific contribution proposal
  2. Treat each other with respect and professionalism

Recommended Format

  1. Title
  2. Project Category
  • Infrastructure
    • for supporting the underlying code base of the blockchain - Infrastructure supporting tools, bug patches, node maintenance tools, etc.
  • Development
    • Developer support and product ideas - wallets, block explorers, dapps, developer documentation, etc.
  • Community Activities
    • Ambassador activities, public relations, meetups, educational content and activities, and web community development and management
  1. Project Description
  2. Project Duration (Maximum of 6 months)
  3. Project Milestones
  4. Funding Amount Requested

Hey Benny.

I’m interested in making a proposal. I have a few questions. Should I reply with it here, or start a new thread? Is the CPS open, or will I have to wait for an answer until the CPS comes live (February?) Cheers

Hey man - make a new thread in this category, title it based on the title of your proposal, and try to keep to the recommended format above. Looking forward to it!

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