A Better World for Our Children


The world is going through major economic and political changes in which the old ways of doing things won’t work anymore. Our education system is falling apart, and children will be left behind if we don’t work towards a future, they can feel hopeful about. We believe Puerto Rico will benefit from utilizing blockchain technology because our current government has been unsurprisingly corrupt, and its ineptitude has led us to horrendous administrative, capital, and educational decisions. We aim to build, invest, and lead the future of education, new business, medical facilities, agriculture and among others to propel Puerto Rico towards a sustainable and prosperous future. It is imperative that we hold our government accountable for all actions that do not go in favor of children, as they will be the ones leading this world someday.

Schools are the soil

Children are the seeds

Education is the oxygen

Teachers are the organic matter

Love is the purifies water

To fix our world, we need to fix our education system

Goal is to fundraise a minimum of 150000 in ICX or bnUSD

What is this proposal? Please don’t come to CPS just requesting money without an actual proposal.


The CPS Platform and funds are to be used to benefit the ICON Network Ecosystem. Unfortunately (while charitable) this does not benefit ICON in any measurable way.

The reason I am utilizing ICX is because of the network. My plan is to build all protocols and tokens with the ICON foundation since I have been a proud user since 2020. No network come close and now add BTP… possibilities are endless.

Yes that’s wonderful but the CPS Platform isn’t for funding ideas that may use ICON in the future. It’s for funding applications that are created on ICON/SNOW/ICE. Your idea is amazing but CPS isn’t a charity pool. Come back with an application that you want to build on ICON and that’ll be something the CPS could be used for.

Understood. In your opinion, how could I restructure this idea into something that can be funded and actually improve the ICON foundation

It’s not about improving the ICON Foundation, but the Network and transaction count and connectivity to other chains, utility, etc. You don’t actually have an “idea” you have a philosophy. Come back with an idea for an application to build on ICON and a team to build that application and then that would be something you could ask the CPS to fund.