300k ICX at USDT 0.238/ICX ....... Is it a scam?

Hi All … I have been offered 300k ICX at USDT 0.238/ICX … plus monthly profit 35% for 1 year as a “Citizen” community … is this true?

is this a scam?

Of course it’s a scam, where did you get this info from?

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Its from a WeChat group … where they convince pple they have bought at discounted prices with volume of 300k … and as “Citizen” further profit of 35% monthly for 1 year … The assistant very patiently teach us to get securedly registered in HuoBi … Suppose to buy the equivalent USDT and convert to ICX in HuoBi …

Thanks for the opinions.

I confirm it is a scam, there is no such offer officially announced. Please be careful.

Thanks very much for the reply.