Yudus Lab - Delegation Program Application ( June )

Team profile
Yudus Lab
Website: https://yudus.dev

Yudus Lab is a new name ( I am not though, I have been here for a long time and were a parttime employee of ICONVIET PRep ). Now I believe that I will be able to contribute a lot more to ICON if I start my own thing, with my own vision and strategy.

Our proposal : https://medium.com/yudus-lab/icon-contribution-proposal-84dc49e07a9

Public address

Contribution to the ICON ecosystem
I am not new, it means I have made a decent amount of contributions to ICON already, they are almost all development works and open source, please see more below.

1. ICX Contract Explorer

Try at : https://yudus.dev/icxce

Full desktop layout

Mobile layout and other features

A responsive contract explorer and usable on mobile.
I built this tool for my self, to be more productive in Dapps development on ICON. Now I decide to open source it and let everyone use, hopefully it can help them as well. I am planning to add more necessary features to it, including transaction history display.

2. Chainalytic framework

This is basically a data aggregate and transformation framework, which is built by reverse engineering leveldb database of loopchain engine, to help build unique and important data not provided by JSON-RPC APIs.
It is also an good example for developers need to study loopchain leveldb structure ( I helped Transcranial’s Tono to extract TX data directly from leveldb )
It is shipped with a Docker image and totally usable, ICONVIET is using it for staking/unstaking feature of iconlook.io

3. Experimental lottery

This is still an experimental lottery app, I built to test the idea of extremely simple user behavior in lottery-like game. It will be remade in ICONProphet

4. Project ICONProphet - Upcoming…
This is still in brainstorm and research phase. It is basically a series of prediction/gambling/competitive gaming Dapps, with focus on gamified behaviors.

5. Contribution DAO paper

This is just a paper so far, you may find it interesting. It is a bit similar to the upcoming ICON official Contribution Proposal System.

6. Articles

I have written a dozen articles about ICON since decentralization. This is not my focus point, but still a small contribution anyway.

Specific details for what increased delegation will do for your team
Right after finishing decent features of ICX Contract Explorer, I will focus on Dapps research and development again, with emphasis on Dapps user behavior and well-designed cryptoeconomic mechanism.
We are totally self-funded at the moment ( new PRep, therefore zero vote ), a large enough support ( hence reward ) could helps us live more comfortable, not worried about financial burden, and incentivized to do more stuff.

Requested amount
2 millions

That’s all, I want to keep it short and not like to talk or promise too much.