What is the purpose of Dex reserve?

There is a 128m icx for dex reserve, what is that mean?
Is to feed exchanges like binance/upbit and kraken once they run out of icx supply? Or something else?

30 days later and you’ve probably forgotten about asking this question. I just noticed it. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a concrete answer, but I’m totally willing to share one observation that I think holds some merit: If the given name of “Dex Reserve” is any indicator, I doubt this would be a reserve for places like binance, upbit, or kraken–because none of those are decentralized exchanges, and that’s what the “dex” term stands for. My best guess is that it might be a reserve in place to provide liquidity for a future dex service that will allow various cryptos to swap for each other–while being hosted on Icon natively.

Yes that was the original intention, though personally I don’t think that makes much sense anymore. There are many other potential uses for it to help grow ICON. Maybe depositing into an AMM will make the most sense, but personally I think there might be better uses