weBloc Asia Delegation Program Application (June 2020)

Team name: weBloc Asia (weBloc.io)
Public address: hxf75bfd0df8d96ee0963965135af2485cee6d5000
Requested amount: 2 million ICX
Links to relevant contribution to the ICON ecosystem

1. The very first dApp of ICON using IRC-2 based WOK tokens

When ICONex was launched back in 2018, weBloc team did its best to promote ICONex and provide the guidance of how to use ICONex app and add IRC-2 tokens on ICONex. WOK tokens were the very first one using ICX for Token Generation Event, trying to expand ICON ecosystem. weBloc TGE had to be delayed 4 times to be the first dApp of ICON using the SCORE. Even when the price of ICX had plummeted while weBloc team was launching the TGE in Nov 2018, weBloc never lost its faith in ICON and made utmost efforts to grow ICON ecosystem. All ICON dApps except weBloc, STAYGE One, VELIC, and SOMESING - happen to be all ICON DAPP ALLIANCE members - and many personnel left ICON ecosystem then, in the meantime weBloc has been the most trustworthy partner of ICON since when there was no incentive to be part of the ecosystem.

2. Promote ICON Everywhere

weBloc has participated in so many crypto events and meetups since 2018: Consensus2018, Consensus2019, Consensus: SG 2018, ICON SF LaunchPad Event 2018, Hybrid Summit BKK, FBG SHA, Korea Blockchain Week 2018, Beyond Block Summit 2018, Blockchain Seoul 2018, Blockchain Seoul 2019 and other countless summits and meetups around the world.

Whenever weBloc participates in crypto events and meetups, I was there for promoting ICON and weBloc as the best mainnet and a dApp utilizing the ICON mainnet in order to attract more projects into the ICON ecosystem.

3. ICON Accelerator: Establishing deblock & Hosting DemoDay Events

Not many ICONists aware of the fact the deblock is a joint venture between ICON and AD4TH, the mother company of weBloc. Even the famous Markus also worked with deblock until the end of 2018. With this initiative, AD4TH and ICON cohosted a ICON dApp DemoDay event: New Kids on the Blockchain - and the first round winner was STAYGE One, who has been generating more than 50% of the total Wallet creations.

4. dApp services: PAYWOK, JUBJUB, Devote, ICONWatch


weBloc has been operating 2 dApp services - PAYWOK and JUBJUB. PAYWOK has just finished its decentralization update and launched on the Google Play Store - and there will be an announcement for the update and marketing actions will begin next week. JUBJUB is originally focusing on Jeju Island, the biggest tourist island in Korea, with a close relationship with the municipal government. However, unfortunately, due to the COVID19 epidemic, offline business related projects are halted. weBloc is planning to advance JUBJUB as a service that can be used in any city around the world implementing Visit.me service as a way of promoting offline businesses with very cost-efficient advertisings.

weBloc had also participated in the Testnet launch and tried PoC dApp services such as Devote and ICONWatch - but at the moment all of the PoC dApps are not live.

5. Blockchain Gateway: Block Insight, Time Ticket

weBloc has been making relentless efforts to attract other business partners to join into the ICON ecosystem - with an initiative called โ€œBlockchain Gatewayโ€. weBloc could have brought 2 projects but now Blockchain Insight had left the ICON ecosystem and switched to ETH. Both projects marked 300K+ transactions in a relatively short period of time.

6. IDA - ICON DApp Alliance

weBloc initiated the IDA - ICON DApp Alliance - with other dApps and P-Reps of ICON: STAYGE One, SOMESING, Signal9. Now VELIC joined the alliance and IDA is continuing conversations with various potential members at the moment. Such efforts will contribute to the growth of ICON significantly in the end - Mainnet needs dApps as many as possible.

Specific details for what increased delegation will do for your team

Delegation and the incentives will be mostly used for attracting more users to the weBloc services such as PAYWOK and JUBJUB, adding more wallets and transactions, and ICONists eventually. With more resources to tap into, weBloc would be able to have more actions to attract business partners into the ICON ecosystem.

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