The Iconist Delegation Application

Team name

The Iconist

Public address


Links to relevant contribution to the ICON ecosystem

As a content creation team, our biggest contribution to the ICON ecosystem is The Iconist news site and our Twitter channel, both of which get thousands of interactions every month. We also send out a newsletter to over 20,000 people every week.

Specific details for what increased delegation will do for your team

The Iconist is run by a marketing agency with an in-depth knowledge of ICON and the blockchain ecosystem. Although we are currently operating The Iconist with as small a team as we can possibly manage, it is still a struggle to maintain the same level of journalism as we have always produced without taking an end loss because our monthly ICX rewards are very low. An increase in delegations will allow us to commit more team members from our agency to this project, meaning more effort going into creating more high quality content, in turn creating more value for ICON. As The Iconist spends 100% of our ICX rewards on funding ICON-related content creation (minus the 5% bond), every single token allocated to us is guaranteed to benefit the ICON ecosystem as a whole.

Requested amount

2,000,000 ICX