STIN - Combine NFC and the ICON Blockchain Progress Report #1

Hello everyone,

We are happy to present to you the first progress report of the STIN - NFC and Blockchain project.

Report Name:

STIN - Combine NFC and the ICON Blockchain Progress Report #1

Report Period:

July 22 - August 28 (37 days)

Report Description:

This report should summarise our achievements over the first reporting period and further lay out the next steps. Main achievements up until now include:

  • Initialisation of keypairs on the NFC chips
  • Start of app development for Android and iOS
  • Integration of NFC scanning ability on Android application
  • SCORE has been developed
  • Start of development of landing page

Project Completion Percentage:


Remaining Time To Completion:

5 weeks

Expected Results For The Next Period

  • Integration of NFC scanning in iOS App
  • Testing with Android App completed
  • Testing of SCORE completed
  • iOS and Android Apps finished

Detailed information about our progress so far and some screenshots of the mobile apps can be found in our progress report on Medium.

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Thank you for your work.