Stakin - Delegation program application (June 2020)

Date of Submission

Team name
Stakin (POS Bakerz)

Public address

Links to relevant contribution to the ICON ecosystem

  • A detailed list of contributions:
  • Major contributions:
    • Daily ICX, a Twitter media, publishing a daily recap of what is happening in the ICON ecosystem. 4,566 followers, published in 6 languages.
    • $ICX staking lossless lottery: 1,000+ waitlisted users. Currently, in the last phases of testing and development. We are looking to launch in July. Progress can be tracked here.
    • Content and guides: 25+ original articles, with an average of 200 visitors per day on our page, 8,500 views per month, and 8,300 minutes of reading per month. Content includes smart-contract tutorials, wallet utilization, governance thoughts and general education.
    • Giveaways: ICON Daily giveaway and Christmas giveaway. Cumulated, these giveaways attracted around 4,100 participants and generated 50,000+ impressions.
    • Translations: Financed translations in up to 10 languages for content and guides, such as MyIconWallet guide and Iconex guide. Also, we have ongoing translations for the ICXcomics, Rhizome MyID infographics, and ICONbet website.
    • ICON Europe: Founding member, online presence, telegram chat and organized 1 webinar. More to come, with local events focused on dev onboarding.

Specific details for what increased delegation will do for your team

The increased delegation will help us keep up with the various projects on which we are involved. It will help us in staying as a Main P-Rep, and to generate enough reward to fully support the ICON ecosystem.

First, we’re finishing our lossless staking lottery project; delegations will help us finance the development cost, testing, and eventually sponsor the first draws. We had the chance to be sponsored by a grant from Velic for this project, amounting to ICX 1,000,000 in the delegation. This grant is coming to an end at the end of the month, and we still have a few weeks of development work and testing to do.

In addition to that, we would like to organize ICON Europe events in the next months now that the pandemic has cooled down.

Another project we have in mind for the future is to prepare the public for the decentralization of the CPF, with a platform offering details about P-Reps, sponsoring, and offering a seamless application process.

Finally, there’s a lot going on with our content building, giveaways, and governance involvement. And because we plan to be a long-term contributor to the ICX ecosystem, we would like the opportunity to use a small part of our rewards in order to finance the increase of our self-bond.

Requested Amount
2,000,000 ICX

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