Sharpn Delegation Pilot Application

Team name : Sharpn
Public Address : hx6f89b2c25c15f6294c79810221753131067ed3f8
Requested amount : 2M ICX

Sharpn is signing up for the June pilot delegation plan! Here what Sharpn’s been doing these past few months. First of all, at the general request of the ICONists, we have recalculated our i-rep as suggested by the community (14000, approximately 17.39%). This decision marks a turning point as P-REP revenues have been significantly reduced. We are aware that these changes are temporary and that we will find a balance through the CPFs for example. We are in favour of these changes, which we believe are in line with the DPoC model. These contributions will help fill this gap and allow teams such as ours to continue to focus exclusively on ICON.

We have received requests to collaborate with “Sharpn Launchpad” and will soon submit the projects to the community and the Foundation. We study the proposals and guide the builders towards the resources they need. In a second step, we work on the FUTURE ICX platform in collaboration with the Midos team. We look forward to presenting the product and all its functionalities to you, so that each ICONist can showcase his or her technical analysis skills.

The official release will be announced very soon. Finally, we are working to evolve and offer more content on the platform. We are currently thinking about a new collaborative structure for the platform in order to bring out its true potential and we’re discussing with new parties about potential chapters integration.

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