Sharpn Delegation Pilot Application (August)

Team name : Sharpn
Public Address : hx6f89b2c25c15f6294c79810221753131067ed3f8
Requested amount : 2M ICX

Sharpn is signing up for the August pilot delegation plan. These delegations will help us to remain Main PReps and cover our company cost!


During July and for the next month, FutureICX will be part of our main contributions to the ICON ecosystem. The DApp is running well and we’re going to carry on the work on it, we have planned with the Midos team a v2.

This v2 will unlock the full potential of the DApp by adding new DApps and we’re even planning to use the BTP technology to interact with other chains and therefore grow a wider userbase! A grant request will be published soon about that, we invite you to read about it on the forum!

During our work on FutureICX, we had the opportunity to work with BAND protocol team on the integration of Band oracle to our DApp. We really loved their technology and we decided to prepare a Devblockchain course to teach every other ICON dev about Band Integration on their DApp!

We’re still discussing the plan with the Band team in order to get a good course for the community. This is exactly the kind of content that we were looking for our DBC platform!

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I remember seeing delegation program migrated to grants so I don’t think the applications are not going to be used anymore

Oh thanks, are you sure ? Because in the “grants” section, we don’t see any request for a delegation.

Yeah afaik there is no more separate delegation if you get a grant you also get 1 million vote delegation thats all

here is more detail.