Request for Proposal: Contribution Proposal System

Attention ICON Developer Community

The ICON Foundation is excited to announce another step toward open source and decentralized development by getting the community involved in the development of the Contribution Proposal System. The ICON Foundation is officially putting out an RFP (Request for Proposal) to develop the Contribution Proposal System as outlined in the most recent paper. You can find a more specific outline of the UI/UX of the CPS here.

The work will involve smart contract development, backend development, and front-end development. The deadline for submissions for proposals is Friday, August 14th 11:59pm PST. Any proposal submitted after the deadline will not be considered. ICON will consider extending the deadline if only a small number of proposals are submitted.

The primary pre-requisite to be considered for this RFP is prior experience in SCORE development.

Your proposal should include:

  • Expected development timeline
  • Expected total development hours
  • Expected total cost in USD
  • High-level functional specifications & architecture
  • Breakdown of costs associated with different aspects of the project (i.e. CPS SCORE Development = 1,000 USD, CPS Backend development = 1,000 USD, etc.)

To submit your proposal please email it to and Additionally, if you questions while putting together the proposal feel free to contact myself or Bong on Telegram (@benny_options and @unamed12 respectively). Looking forward to seeing the proposals!


@Benny_Options Will ICON Foundation develop the CPS if there are no RFPs from the community?

Yes ICON would develop it

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This has been edited to include a more detailed RFP regarding the UI/UX portion of the CPS