ReliantNode Application (June)

P-Rep Delegation Pilot Program

P-Rep Address

Requested amount
We are requesting to keep the delegated amount the same at 2M ICX.

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the P-Rep delegation pilot program. Our team is excited at the opportunity to deliver more value for the ICON ecosystem.

Contribution to the ICON ecosystem to date

Our team has completed a number of projects to date. You can read about our completed projects here →

Recently we launched MyIconWallet app on Android and iPhone. We have had over 500 installs since launch and positive feedback from the community →

What will additional delegation do for your team?

Our team is dedicated to building on ICON and paving the way for others to do the same. We are currently building ICON core infrastructure that we believe is needed to develop a thriving ICON developer ecosystem. Below is an overview of work we are currently attempting to deliver, additional delegation will allow us to do this faster and move on to additional projects to cultivate the ICON developer ecosystem.

MyIconWallet improvements

With the launch of MyIconWallet they are some bugs and feedback to implement. Our team is already working on a 1.1 release which will include Ledger support.


We looked at showcasing ICONswap on MyIconWallet, but the UI was not ready for mobile so we reached out to ICONnation and are now collaborating on this project. The ReliantNode team are building a completely new UI and frontend for ICONswap. Our designs are viewable here → with design finished we are already working on the development of the new UI.

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