Proposal: Incentivize Sub P-Reps to run a Node by changing how Sub P-Reps become Main P-Reps



What do you think about the idea? Do you have any other ideas regarding this topic?


As I said earlier - problem I see with it is that ALL sub P-Reps would have to run a full spec node.


yes, it will be unfair for all sub P-Reps running full spec servers and waiting to be picked up as the main P-Rep! The reason is obvious, as they do not receive the incentives in the way as the main P-Reps do! This proposal will hit (most likely the sub P-Reps after the 50-th place from the list) to the ground and make them work for nothing but just for free or even worse if they have to pay to be a P-Rep!


I also have an idea of how better this system of DPOS can work on ICON Project and I will write it down on Medium and also will be post it here as well… (soon) :smiley::v:


In Telos BPs from 22 to 51 are brought into to Blocks Production Schedule every week 1-by-1. So, sequentially a top BP (say nr. 1) is replaced with standby-BP (say nr 23) for couple of hours (some fixed number of blocks) and then they change back… and then next top BP Nr 2 is replaced with standby-BP Nr 24… and so on… This continues independent of if top-BP goes down or not… But then in telos they have rewards system to support it…


… It also provides a free window for maintenance work needed for top 22 BPs (in case if they need it)… I think it is very good!




yes, it looks interesting and this was my point of view, to create a way that all p-reps need to be involved actively, but for that, we need to create a fare incentivise system to support all at the level to not pay to be P-Rep but to be rewarded, so p-reps would be focused on their proposal plans to be creative and to help the massive adoption of ICX when creating useful dapps.


That concern is totally valid! It’s the block production reward that Sub P-Reps are missing so they can run a full spec node. But the only way to get block production rewards is to be a Main P-Rep and produce blocks :thinking:


Sounds interesting. Definitely worth to take a look at!