Prep Freeloaders

I’ve got a BIG question, looking into Preps and concluded that for example Prep “ICX Belgium” is getting rewards as a prep for over a year now, but he actually doesn’t do anything. Zero contributions!!

No social media, twitter, YT, of whatsoever. I can’t even find anything in Google when I search him.

How can this be, just subscribe as a Prep, do nothing and earn a monthly income or am I wrong here?

That is why the p rep commission got lowered to the max so those who just want to secure the network by running a node and participate in governance still have enough to do it (running a node will be enforced in ICON 2.0 next year)

For the Preps who want to proactively build and contribute to the network the CPS fund is being launched to foster all kind of projects.
So this issue has been resolved only the implementations will take time as we have to wait for 2021 to get ICON 2.0 as for the CPS it should launch by end of the month.


Thank you for the clarification, did some research and figured this out. Again thumbs up for ICON.