Please read: Misconception about marketing

This is an open letter to all, and I would like for everyone to reflect on the following (I will keep it short):

There has been a lot of controversy and a lot of debate surrounding marketing ICON, many argue it is a waste, some say ‘wait for a utility’, others argue ‘we are not moon boys’, others are in total favor.

What’s important about all these voices and opinions is that they all agree and unite on one thing, they would like ICON to excel.

I would like to ask those who are reading this; why do you like ICON? what makes you interested in ICON? I am very sure all of us have great conviction in the potential ICON has.

Now think, these points you have in your mind about why ICON is great, would these points convince a third person as to why ICON is great and a project they should join? If yes! then good. If no, (I don’t know what to tell you really :slight_smile: )

Now that you yourself have great belief in ICON and believe your reasoning can convince a third person, understand this… this is how ICON should be marketed. This is not a notion of ‘promoting incomplete projects’ or ‘we are not ready yet’ because as a whole, this whole industry is in the speculation phase, so yes, we can promote what ICON seeks to be and many will join, because this is the stage of the industry.

My last point, this industry has a lot of money and a large community. Anything your project (ICON) is working on, others will be working on, the main task here is, how many people can you gather to be on your ship, before your ship and other projects ships take off… Money is king, and a lot of other projects have it, the more money you have the more resources you have, resulting in the more chances of success you will have. I.E. we need more people on board this ship, building, gossiping and promoting before we meet the inevitable time of one of the ships taking off.

I wish ICON all the success and hope all those can understand where I am coming from.


100% agree.

People need to realize that when you bring more popularity to your network, there are more Devs, more users, more influencers, and marketing is what ignites this growth cycle.

More Devs = more help building ICON and around ICON, faster building and higher quality too.
More Users = more incentives for the Devs to build.
More Influencers = more popularity all around.
Proper Marketing = ignition of the cycle.

Imagine how many more projects like ICONbet we could have if we had attracted the right developers. Attracted, not hired! Near zero cost!

I feel like ICON is at this moment sitting on a 6.0L V12 Engine on IDLE without anyone pushing the pedal to the metal.

However, I also think pushing marketing during a bear market is very inefficient.
Now, in my opinion, the time is ripe.

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Thank you for sharing this and I appreciate the professionalism with which you addressed the topic. I agree it’s a great way to think. Overall I bet everybody here agrees with this. I’d say we’re making strides to all work in the same direction.


@EncryptedPedro Definitely, however the point I am making is that there is a notion that we cannot market without a product, the point I am trying to get across is that no product in this space is ‘complete’ and marketing our own reasons why we believe ICON will be a success and what it is delivering is totally ethical and the right way.

@Benny_Options Thank you Benny, I look forward to it and hope to see a huge difference to what is currently on the table. I do not want to sound sour but I will say, make sure it’s good stuff, because ‘You get what you pay for’.