Piconbello P-Rep Delegation Application

Team Name: Piconbello

Public address: hxfa6714e4ec784ae2176c416c46dc2c98b6ec9074

Requested Amount: 2 million

Links to relevant contribution to the ICON ecosystem:

Previous work: Ledger Extractor, Vote Monitor(to be updated later), Daedric, Node Tracker Group and Bot

For the month of May, we greatly appreciate having additional funds and we tried to create best use cases for them. First, we recruited an additional member who is experienced in the marketing field. She will help us in terms of marketing ICON and our projects in general. We are currently onboarding her into our processes and how the ecosystem operates in general. We also put her into a subject that will ease her onboarding process. We started to translate Daily_ICX’s daily news into Turkish, in order to supply Turkish people with daily news. We received great feedback from them and we hope it will stay as it is. Currently, she is looking at these translations as her daily job. You can check our account here.

In terms of development, we are working in parallel fashion. We are currently working on 3 seperate development projects. First one is a SCORE development in order to make people able to batch transactions. Although ICON blocks are relatively empty currently, this won’t be the case with upcoming releases in the ecosystem. In order to have a properly working chain, batching is key because of chain limitations which we will reach at some point. We also plan to have a user interface in order to batch the transactions for everyone to use later in the development stages. This development will also be used on our side, integrated with Tipicon as a replacement for our current airdrop logic. We currently envision our interface to be like this. As a current use case, weBloc wants to issue an airdrop as a promotion to all ICX holders. This is relatively hard since there is nothing in the ecosystem that eases this process. There may be other promotions just like theirs in the future. In order to supply all these demands and help non technical teams, we value this project highly. We completed the back-end part of the project in terms of SCORE development and started building the front-end. Currently, we are batching 1024 transactions into one transaction, which can be seen here. You can check the mainnet and testnet SCORE from here and here, respectively.

We also started working on an MVP version of ICONPixel, our recently rejected Grant request. We value the idea quite highly, thus we are using our own funds in order to develop this project. We started with SCORE development for the back-end, and will continue developing back-end and front-end developments after it finishes. Our work is currently on our local machines, thus we can’t share our development at the moment.

We have also finished Iconbet integration with Tipicon. You can check the previous status of Tipicon from here, which was utilized in Binance Spanish’s AMA. Currently, users on the mainnet can play Iconbet games, mine TAP and earn dividends. We also collaborated with Iconbet P-Rep Group in order to promote our integration. We have two promotions, one will run for the first week and the other will run for the remaining three weeks of the first month. You can check our promotion details here.To understand how you can utilize Tipicon for playing Iconbet games from Telegram by utilizing Tipicon, check here. Since the mainnet release, we have had 70000 transactions currently, with 1.2 million ICX in volume. According to dapp.com, Iconbet had 247000 transactions and 4 million ICX in volume in that time frame. We have managed to create a quarter of the Iconbet’s volume and we hope it will continue in this fashion. You can check our bot from here.

Specific details for what increased delegation will do for your team:

As a developer team, the additional delegation will enable us to have more developers to work with, which will speed up our delivery in terms of applications. We have worked only with our saved up balance since our first candidacy, thus additional funds enable us to have a foreseeable future and concrete plans. Our server cost is around 300 dollars currently since we are using it to host our node, Tipicon and the rest of our projects. Without any additional funds, our current votes would give us 200 dollars monthly, which wouldn’t even cover our server costs. We have only developed with our saved balance so far without any grant, and without any delegations, our development processes would simply be halted.