PARROT9 | Delegation Application June 2020

Team name: PARROT9
Public address: hx28c08b299995a88756af64374e13db2240bc3142
Requested amount: 2 million ICX

Links to relevant contribution to the ICON ecosystem
Our primary focus has been the design and user experience of three projects, all of which are advancing at a steady pace:

  • Balanced is on track for its Q2 deliverables. The team is working hard to round out the functional specs, and we’re putting the final touches on the interactive prototype.

  • ICON Vote is nearly ready to launch. After the code is complete, we just need to do a final design review.

  • Bridge (yet to be officially announced) is in the design phase. We’re making good progress on the user flows and interface design, and have started building some of the front-end code.

Specific details for what increased delegation will do for your team
It will help us remain in the top 22, save for our bond, and maintain our current workload.