Paradigm Citadel Delegation Pilot Program Application

Team name: Paradigm Citadel

Public address: hx3aa778e1f00c77d3490e9e625f1f83ed26f90133

Requested amount: 2 million

Links to relevant contribution to the ICON ecosystem:

A list of projects we have built so far:


Vision on ICON:

Specific details for what increased delegation will do for your team:

Dear community!

We, at Paradigm Citadel, during our product-developing phase, may not be as good as other teams in marketing or media coverage. Our strong point is passionate building and development. We consider ourselves to be among those P-Reps who are genuinely contributing to the ICON ecosystem and let us show you how.

As we all know, actions speak louder than words. So, we are happy to announce that our multi-network platform for crypto asset-management will be launched before the end of this month. Citadel has a built-in ICON network one-seed wallet with easy staking and automatic I-Score claiming function. Please find a demo video of beta attached and give it a watch.

In Paradigm, we are true believers in blockchain tech and expect it one day to dominate the financial world, which is quickly becoming a mess today. As Vitalik nailed it - we all in crypto were expecting it to mature and become like a traditional stock market, but what we are witnessing is quite the opposite - the stock market is increasingly becoming like crypto in the 2017 bubble. After all, 10yo Robin Hood traders don’t really care what to trade as we saw with bankrupt Hertz stock. That’s why we started with the platform first, however, our plans go far beyond that.

So, you asked how additional delegation provided will help us to boost the ICON ecosystem?

First, it will allow us to expand our team of designers, marketers, and community managers so we can finally catch up with other P-Reps in terms of community involvement and education. Today we struggle to do that as we are entirely focused on the development, and our resources are limited. But we understand our weak points and already started to move in the right direction. We are glad to announce our recent partnership with Staking Rewards, a leading data provider for staking and crypto-growth tools. They are re-posting our State-of-Stake reports at their journal’s section front page.
You can check out our friendly demonstration here:

Second, shortly after the launch of Citadel, we will roll out its mobile version with staking, analytics, and voting tools. We have already completed an ICON network mobile integration. To our knowledge, it will be the first multi-network one-seed mobile app with full ICON support providing advanced network features.


Also, after the initial release of Citadel 1.0 this month, Citadel 2.0 will follow shortly. The next version will include the integration of various DeFi protocols. DeFi is definitely a major trend in crypto today, which can not be ignored. We hope to see the ICON’s own DeFi layer to be ready soon and will integrate it ASAP to give users the best experience possible.

Third, we are developing a remote signing solution for ICON. In ICON blockchain, private keys are stored on the node, which entails certain risks associated with managing and maintaining the node by the system administrator - in fact, nothing prevents him (or her) from making one “wrong” transaction destroying the fruits of prolonged labor. Remote signing feature removes this risk by giving exclusive rights to specific employees, partner companies, and other trusted entities, thereby creating an additional layer of security to protect sensitive and valuable data. This tool allows for flexible and secure key management. We will publish a contribution proposal covering use cases, features, and benefits at a later date.

Finally, last but not least, we have developed a solution called “Cloud Nodes” which allows non-tech savvy users to effortlessly deploy and host virtual nodes while at the same time keeping control of their private keys. Currently, it’s in beta with support of the Tezos network only; however, we have plans to expand it, and the ICON network seems to be the next logical step. After passing through a simple registration process, everyone will be able to deploy a P-Rep node in a few clicks, participate in consensus, and get voted; in turn, we take it on ourselves to comply with all requirements for healthy node maintenance.

We strongly believe a developed ecosystem is what differentiates successful projects from failed ones. We genuinely do our best to build our products and are glad to be part of the ICON community, so we hope to deserve your trust with actions, not words. Meanwhile, please feel free to vote for a P-Rep who is really building. All Votes Matter!

Sincerely your P-Rep, Paradigm Citadel.

My comment.
Professional staker, no one tx creator, totally rewards dumper and balaboly.
Don’t trust them!

Dear Sir/Madam,

Could you please be more specific with you accusations?

As far as we understood your points are:

  1. We are what you call “Professional staker”. Yes, we are a professional staker and operating multiple nodes on multiple networks just as many other P-Reps do (Everstake, Figment, POS Bakerz ect). And we think its good and benefiting ICON ecosystem for several reason. ICON is all about “hyperconnect the world” and is part of Blockchain Interoperability Alliance together with WAN and AION. Among others, we are running validator nodes on those respectful networks to. Thus, when ecosystems of various networks will evolve to open new opportunities our team will have unique experience in the field which undoubtedly will benefit ICON as well.

  2. “Balaboly”. We are not sure what you mean under this term, but assume that you mean we are just talkheads. Please read our proposal and watch video with demonstration of our platform. Or just wait for release later this month and try it yourself. We are assure you that it is one of the most advanced solutions in the field of staking. Specifically Citadel has a built-in ICON network one-seed wallet with easy staking and automatic I-Score claiming function. No other wallet solution does that as far as we know.

  3. “Reward dumper”. Yes, we sell our rewards to finance our current operations, which are very, very consuming. All rewards generated and sold by Citadel were spent on our development and operations, mainly on ICON integration and node maintenance, which is not cheap. We will publish detailed report on a later date. Besides, unlike other teams, we are holding a significant chunk of funds in ICON since ICO. Those funds are currently self-delegated, so we do not need to collect funds for bond as we already have more than enough. Please note that it is our standard policy on every network we operate a node on. Moreover, when selling our rewards we are not doing anything other P-Preps don`t. For example, in The Iconist Delegation Application you can find following: As The Iconist spends 100% of our ICX rewards on funding ICON-related content creation (minus the 5% bond), every single token allocated to us is guaranteed to benefit the ICON ecosystem as a whole. This is exactly what our team is doing - spending reward proceeds on development. Would you rather prefer P-Reps just seating on their proceeds without doing anything? Or does that mean The Iconist (and others who sell to build) are bad P-Reps?

  4. “no one tx creator” Sorry, no comments on that as it is not a point at all in our opinion and can be applied to almost all P-Reps with several exceptions.

Thank you.