P-rep Governance Meeting #2

Dear P-reps,

ICON Foundation would like to host P-rep Governance Meeting #2.

Date: March 13, 2020
Time: 22:00 (UTC)
Venue: Zoom Meeting (see below)


Please provide topics you’d like to discuss below.


Same format as last time. If you did not attend Meeting #1, please check out video recording on our Youtube Channel.

Zoom Meeting

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


great, we will be there, like previous time :innocent:


POS Bakerz will be present :grinning:

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Need to excuse myself from the meeting. I have a long 14 hour flight on Friday so wont be able to attend. Looking forward to the post meeting video.

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Ubik would like to suggest the topic of whether or not there should be any rules on the ICON ecosystem.


ICONation will be there :facepunch:


Icon4Education will be there. We enjoyed the 1st meeting:)

Our suggestion-

Will a PREPS role change as we enter a “new contribution” form of rewarding?

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Block42 will be present, looking forward to it :grin:

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Iconist News will be present!


Noted. Thank you very much.

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Hello Everyone,

Below are the 3 topics we’d like to cover in this month’s P-rep Governance Meeting #2.

  1. IISS 3.0 Proposal

Our team spent a lot of time on this proposal debating for countless hours and modeling out countless scenarios. We believe this is a solid next step for IISS and we’d love to hear your feedback on the call.

  1. Rules and Enforcement (Off-chain) - Suggested by Ubik Capital

There has been some debates on setting rules and enforcing them on Telegram and in the forum.

  1. New Project Guidance / Wishlist

Last meeting, we talked about network goals in terms of active wallet and transactions. This meeting, we can go into more details on what are the type of projects we’d like to see on the ICON network.

Thank you and looking forward to meeting you all again.


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Espanicon will be present. :+1:

Piconbello will be present.

Chainode Tech will be there! :raised_hands:

As topics, We have some suggestions
1)Sub preps joining on-chain governance. Our reasoning is we are talking for voters splitting their votes and if something like that happens that can mean 25%-40% vote not having an effect on governance. Under these circumstances how we can expect voters to make research on preps and split their votes evenly.
2)Centralization aspect of bounding right now becoming main prep requires around 50000 USD investment these kinds of paywalls only cause centralization on the long run companies with funding to keep gaining the spots instead of small developer groups community groups why this is bad companies focus on profit and ROI. (We are not saying companies are bad or shouldn’t pick vs other validators We already stated all type of validators fail in some way which we can see with all pos chains already decentralized we need diversity)(Our consensus behind IISS 4.0 is it’s beneficial for the chain since most of the issue comes from the insane financial benefit of pos systems for validators and IISS 4.0 will significantly reduce these numbers.thats a step on the right path.)
3)We have the option to terminate a prep by voting but when something like vote-buying happened most preps shy away from that option (Our suggestion is not let’s execute every prep with a mistake :smiley). We also have some inactive nodes, not contributing nodes… Our suggestion is having a vote option for suspending prep. Suspended prep can’t vote can’t claim or receive reward as Iscore as long as they voted and become unsuspended. Under controversial issues or nodes with issues… preps can act fast and suspend that prep while not deleting that prep. This can help with a lot of issues we can encounter in the future.

Signal9 will be there.

Hi All, Team ICONPLUS will participate.