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You should to have Icon node, they don’t give out money here.

Thanks for your comments, can you please elaborate on what you are trying to say

I think you should first find out who the P-reps are.
Try to get Foundation’s grant here:

Thanks a lot for the clarification, we already understand and know the P-reps, what we are applying for is the pilot delegation program which if chosen will be enough for us to fulfill measurable objectives.
Thanks a lot

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what @Avwva is trying to say is that the delegation pilot program is for P-Rep teams, its a program for the foundation to delegate votes to P-Rep teams, if you don’t have a node the foundation would not be able to vote for you and delegate votes to you.

If you are part of a P-Rep team, the wallet that you should be publishing in your comment is the node wallet.

@Avwva and @espanicon , thank you guys so much for pointing this out and guiding. we will be moving this request to the grant section where it is better suited.
Thanks once again we at iconafrica appreciate it

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