Make DApp run on mobile and A detailed description of the defi product is also required

Even if I try to do a lossless lottery or icon pool, the mobile wallet cannot be linked. I don’t do it because it gets bothered. Also, I am a fool. Even if I read DeFi products, I don’t know what it is. I wish there was a detailed explanation besides how to do it.
ex) If you deposit 50000 icx, if the current situation or background is like this, you will earn as much as 000, and in some cases, how much damage can be incurred.

I agree we need more educational materials on DeFi and those will come when the products are closer to launch.

For using DApps on mobile I suggest downloading MyIconWallet

Thank you, but the lossless lottery doesn’t seem to be connected

It has a DApp browser. You need to click the “DApps” tab then you can enter any URL