In order to escape the suppression of large forces, you need to quickly list the icon on the coinbase

I made my first investment just before the collapse of Bitcoin in December 2017. It was a two-year bearish market after a brief surge. I didn’t sleep for more than 4 hours a day and kept my assets by looking at Real-time Sell Buy.
I can tell. I saw that there is a force that presses the icon. Recently, when it was 1,000 won (about $ 0.9), I saw that the upbit and Binance price windows were filled with more than 100 to 300 million selling slots per cell. Everyone penetrated this area dozens of times. But, I saw someone screaming at a massive selloff. Dozens of times!
Nevertheless, iKON made an upward-right chart.
If the forces had not pressed it, it would have already cost more than four dollars.

Not long ago, I saw that the Chinese government mentioned the icon as scame. China is suspicious. The icon is promising. so It seems to be being held in check by a large force before Market cap is large. There is no other place like Coinbase that have a lot of money.


Where did you see that China called icon a scam? Can I link to the source?)

Interesting, are you also saying that people in S.Korea are dumping it too?

I don’t doubt of what you’re saying, as I think the same, however, no one believes it’s true.

You know what would be great? Recording exactly what you saw, which will most likely happen again in the future. Maybe streaming directly the Binance order flow to Youtube or something and it will be available for everyone to see right there.

I don’t know if anyone is capable of doing that but I would love to see it happen with my own eyes. (not only myself, I think everyone wants to see it with their own eyes, so they can actually see it’s really being suppressed)

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Korean PR site

Address mentioned here

It doesn’t seem to be directly mentioned as a scam, but it seems indirectly.


Korean icon official KakadoTalk members increased.

I noticed that too, but all they seem to be interested in is price and chart analysis

I randomly stumbled across this on twitter, he talked the same concerns

There is scam Chinese website (which is pretending to be ICON’s) which is also doing a token sale and scamming individuals out of money. Nothing to do with the project.