IISS Enhancements


I spent the week revisiting my thoughts/suggestion about pegging block rewards to usd. I completely agree that it doesn’t work from an economic standpoint when one takes into consideration the huge impact a drop in coin price could have on inflation.

I very much appreciate that we have this forum as a place to discuss and explore ideas. I hope more people can feel comfortable to join us!

@benny_options Do you perhaps think there might be merit to adjusting the rewards balance ratio of Block Production Rewards <–> Representative Reward i. e. reduce total Rep reward ICX by X% and add that same amount to Block Production Rewards?

I also understand your point about a revote… maybe it’s technically possible, but would be a logistics nightmare/not worth it for cost>benefit anyway.


I really appreciate you sharing this. Running through the numbers whilst considering the vision you are putting forward is great.

I certainly love the intention of the idea to change things to promote collaboration > competition.