ICX Promotions - E-Sports Sponsorships + Targeted Marketing for the Digital World

:dart: Goal:
Promote ICON via digital brand partnerships and social media marketing in North America, Europe and South Korea. Create targeted marketing campaigns to raise brand recognition and recruit new participants to the ICON ecosystem. Link to Notion Proposal.

Current progress:
We are in negotiations with several management teams including IMG for potential sponsorships and have some promising leads including OfflineTV a group with 2.5million subscribers and consistently 100K+ stream views.

We are working on South Korea specific sponsorships right now including Geng.GG My partner is from Seoul and is communicating with them in Korean, which is a major advantage for a U.S. based promotional team.

Primary Approach: Brand Partnerships

We will find, negotiate and execute brand partnership campaigns to target the primary demographic of Internet Savvy Gen-Z + Millennials interested in cryptocurrency. There are many advantages to sponsorship based marketing including elegant targeting and an engaged audience. This means we can promote ICON to communities that are likely to be interested and like to support content creators by purchasing the products they promote.

Sectors include:

E-Sports: E-Sports is a rapidly growing market where 77% of fans are male and 61% are millennials (Nielsen). 64% of followers on Twitch purchase products recommended to them by streamers (Twitch). There is significant crossover between the cryptocurrency and E-Sports communities, with many of the major movers and shakers being involved with both. For example, Chamath Palihapitiya is part owner of the League of Legends team the Golden Guardians and a major crypto/financial bull. By associating with the Guardians, we create a positive feedback loop of interest and brand identity.

Korean Influencers: We will leverage the fanatic fan culture of Korea to excite young Koreans about the ICON project. Korean pop stars are already using the blockchain to issue NFT assets and K-pop Star Kwon Hyun-bin is set to appear in Crypto-themed’ K-drama Series.

TikTok & Crypto Crypto-Financial Influencers:

We will partner with influencers in the crypto-financial circles to raise awareness and buying interest in the ICX token. Smaller sponsorships can be run simultaneously on TikTok to flood brand awareness in a specific niche.


  1. Complete transparency to community in regards to sponsorship deals and results.
  2. Budget: Determined by sponsorship size and deal.
  3. Administrative Fee: $2000.
  4. Community based input for to determine campaign targets and effectiveness.

Possible Mediums for Promotions:

  1. Twitch Stream Sponsorship
  2. TikTok Promo
  3. YouTube Video
  4. Tweets

Example Sponsorship Process:

  1. Identify potential Twitch Stream Partners based on follower demographics and expense
  2. Negotiate price and terms of promotion including:
    • Social Media Posts Promoting Stream
    • Logo Placement and 10 minute interlude that includes explicitly promoting the ICX project and sending followers to Binance Call to Action Link, which offers free discount for purchase of ICX
    • Topics and Copy to Place on Stream
  3. Schedule stream time to maximize effectiveness.
  4. Create Call To Action: Lottery for NFT digital asset. that also serves as email collection service.
  5. Create digital assets, content and miscellaneous marketing material to promote the sponsorship and project.
  6. Supervise campaign while it happens.
  7. Review effectiveness of campaign and use that information to refine planning for the next.

Project Budget: TBD

Sponsorships can cost between $1K - $50K per campaign. Smaller sponsorships can be run simultaneously on TikTok to flood brand awareness in a specific niche. We are currently in negotiation with a representative from IMG Entertainment.

Project Milestones: TBD

Initial goal of 1 American based sponsorship and 1 Korean based sponsorship within first two months.
Launch a P-Rep based around these methods after demonstrating proof of concept via CPS.

First Sponsorship Proposal

SCARRA: Founder of Offline TV

  • Twitch Subscribers: 1,446,462
  • YouTube Subscribers: 738,000
  • Average Viewers per Stream: 5K
  • Average View per YouTube Video: 450K
  • Twitter Follower: 777,000

Sponsorship Description:

Dedicated YouTube video logo sponsorship of recent Among Us Highlights (averages 450K views) as well as sponsored stream where he discusses the ICON blockchain project. Two tweets promoting the sponsored stream. Call to action to sign up either for ICONFi or to buy ICX via Binance.

Who We Are
Without doxing myself, I am an entrepreneur and scientist with degrees from NYU and Columbia. My partner is a fellow NYU alumn and an engineer at Fortune 500 software/design company. I have 5+ years experience in business, emerging technologies and branding/marketing.

Thank You

We look forward to your feedback and input!

Can you elaborate on how ICON would be presented in the context of a brand partnership? Would they be diving into the technology, or would it be a situation where they just mention ICX from an investment perspective?

This part worries me a little:

This means we can promote ICON to communities that are likely to be interested and like to support content creators by purchasing the products they promote.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding it, but this suggests content creators buy ICX, pitch it to their audience, and then we hope the audience buys it as well?

I love the NFT section though. If the brand partnerships could involve special limited edition NFTs for their audiences, I’d be in full support of that. If the partnership involves general promotion of the ICX token only, I would not be in support of that.

Lastly, you mentioned this as a strategy to recruit new developers into ICON. Can you elaborate on how the proposal would generate developer interest?


Good questions!

No we will never shill ICX or encourage people to buy it.

Our marketing strategy has three main goals:

  • Conversion (track and measure effectiveness)
  • Association (define the brand identity)
  • Awareness (make people familiar with the brand)

This project will primarily focus on association and awareness by communicating clear easy to understand benefits of ICON. For example, IBM does not describe how Watson works in ads. Instead, they communicate the effect Watson has on a viewer’s daily life. The way to get people to connect to complex, technical products is to show the benefits.

The initial goal of this project is to associate the ICON brand with influencers in our target demos and raise awareness about the ICON project by educating their audience about the tangible benefits of ICON. We will do this by leveraging ICON NFT technology to create one of a kind digital autographs from their favorite streamers.

Although our goal is not to shill ICX or drive sales, we will always create a “call to action”. Conversion is how we measure success and refine campaigns, helping our project be efficient and optimized.The key thing to recognize is that there are different types of goals in marketing. Advertisement can be about conversion (driving sales), association (defining the brand identity) and awareness (getting people familiar with the ICON name).

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Crossposted to /r/helloicon. Getting positive feedback!

Also, a major component of our project is creating NFT assets for these streamers to giveaway as part of the sponsorships. If anyone has experience with making ICON based NFT assets, please reach out!

The general idea is great and it’s the marketing I prefer. My issues come from my experience as someone who worked in the E-Sport industry for a while. I can’t link ICX with the E-Sport in any tangible way. Sharing NFT assets good idea but you need a platform for that.


And it’s a valid point, but you could say the same about Barclays advertising at Premiere League game. We think NFT is a good start, but are taking a bunch of suggestions from the community right now.

One idea from the reddit thread:

With the upcoming release of the Dota Netflix series (animated by a Korean studio), are you planning on sponsoring a Dota 2 tournament (one of the biggest esports in the world)?

How about Starcraft? I remember Starcraft tournaments with Bitcoin prizes

The Premier League biggest football league. Football is a global sport with most fans so that’s significantly different than E-Sport. Since that’s about brand awareness at the start. E-Sport also have highest revenue per fan but still my point stands. There are strong points and weak points of E-Sport and considering numbers I don’t think it’s enough for brand awareness. Outside that I can’t see a way of linking icx not to mention your proposal is about brand awareness.

Great to hear from someone in E-Sports! Most of my friends in that world are more on the player management side. I’ve seen personally from them that sponsorship marketing can be highly effective, but yes it’s definitely not mainstream yet.

However, we think that the goal isn’t to appeal to the widest range, it’s raise awareness in our target demographic: internet savvy 25-45 year old males.

According to Nielsen 77% of e-sports fans are male, 61% are millennials and 64% of purchase products recommended to them by streamers. We can then further hyper-target sponsorships using individual streamers audience and engagement metrics.

Obviously, we’d love to do premiere league sponsorships but that costs millions of dollars. This strategy allows us to spend less to reach the people most likely to respond well. Of course, we are open to alternative suggestions too. Do you have any other ideas on how we could spread awareness?

We think ICON needs to do lot of Marketing activities in the whole globe. So, it is good to have such activities.

This proposal needs lot more work to formalize it. I assume this is just an idea you are sharing at this time.