ICONPLUS_June_Delegation Program Application

Team Name : ICONPLUS

Public address : hxd6f20327d135cb0227230ab98792173a5c97b03e

Requested Amount : 2 million

Project 1:

Description: ICON Promotion and Expansion Campaign to start outreach and expansion phase.

Details: The ICONPLUS team is developing professional marketing content and material for our upcoming inbound & outbound ICON Marketing Campaign, with the aim to capture market share and boosting traffic for the ICON Network through multiple channels and strategies. All our content that we are putting out are efforts to get ICON Mainstream by saturating the internet with high quality ICON related content.

Check out all our Marketing content here:

ICONPLUS on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpSwYMmOdEqqK-j8bwnSReA

ICONPLUS on Twitter: https://twitter.com/prep_iconplus?lang=en

Project 2:

Description: ICON Educational Programme with the aim to bring ICON Project to the masses.

Details: Onboarding Education providers and developing easy- to- understand educational content for our ICON Educational Programme with several parties from different fields of expertise, with the aim to bring the ICON Project to the masses.

Quick ICON Q&A sessions with ICON Team Members by journalist Layah Heilpern

Preparing an educational webinar with key public speakers and Blockchain influencers, as well as ICON Team members representing ICON

Targeting Educational Institutions securing ICON’s reach beyond Social Media.

For more information visit:

ICONPLUS on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpSwYMmOdEqqK-j8bwnSReA

First episode of ICON Education: https://twitter.com/PREP_ICONPLUS/status/1266084713963442178?s=20

Project 3:

Description: Building a user friendly and practical Decentralised Marketplace App on the ICON Network.

Details: Building a user friendly and practical Decentralised Marketplace App on the ICON Network to create a competitive edge by implementing a smarter and more efficient technology and business strategy. For more information:

ICONPLUS is building: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpSwYMmOdEqqK-j8bwnSReA

ICONPLUS is hiring: https://twitter.com/PREP_ICONPLUS/status/1262356391655866369

Project 4:

Description: ICON News Channel, presented by ICONPLUS Journalist Layah Heilpern

Details: ICON News Channel, presented by ICONPLUS Journalist Layah Heilpern, providing the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain community the latest insights and progress made by the ICON Network.

Check out all our ICON bi- weekly news updates:

ICONPLUS on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpSwYMmOdEqqK-j8bwnSReA

ICONPLUS on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PREP_ICONPLUS/status/1261345665315192833?s=20

Project 6:

Description: Weekly ICON Metrics Reports to share insights with the ICON Community into the latest metrics of the ICON Project. Check out the Weekly ICON Metrics reports on our Twitter page:

Delegation will enable our Team to:

  1. We have secured a grant for 6 month long growth and accelerator campaign, the proposal was non-profit based and purely to cover external cost, hence the pilot delegation program will help to sustain our team and sunk cost ICON Grant Proposal _ Social Media Engagement & Growth Accelerator

  2. Enable us to finance our upcoming Educational Program in collaboration with Online Education Providers.

  3. Covering basic cost for a key partnership with a large European education partner which will reap a lot of rewards and opportunities to the ICON Ecosystem in the future.

  4. Continue to work on Marketing activities and content generation (interviews, promo video’s, daily quotes, ICON Weekly Metrics report, ICON News Channel). This to further contribute to the ecosystem by sharing visions, updates and the latest developments about the ICON Project and strategically elevating the profile of key ICON staff within the broader Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Community.

  5. Contribute towards a sum we are saving up to enquire a database we will need for B2B marketing and helping ICON with Business Developments and larger campaigns in the future.

  6. Enable us to put some ICX aside and restake to further prepare us for the upcoming CPF, part of the newly approved IISS 3.0. We are currently saving 100% of our rewards.


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