ICONNECT Global Delegation Program Application

Name of Team.
Iconnect Global.

Requested Amount
2,000,000 ICX

Public Address.

Links to contribution to the Icon ecosystem.
Iconnect Global publishes a weekly newsletter, The Icon Go. Additionally, we have a segment of the Icon Go that covers what teams are doing in the ecosystem, the Icon Go Spotlight. The aim of the spotlight segment was to create awareness and visibility for teams creating value that were not receiving adequate support.

Here is a sample: https://medium.com/@artsamwangi/icon-go-spotlight-svalinn-wallet-by-iconation-c11607b09fe1

We have been interacting with the community via our social media platforms to share information:


We hosted the first Icon Africa meetup:

We have been participating in conversations on how to improve the Icon ecosystem even from before mainnet launch:

What will additional delegation do for your team?

  • Revamp the Icon Go spotlight,This version will focus on what teams are the Icon ecosystem to increase support and iterative process. It will serve as a preamble to a community meet up.
  • Host a quarterly meetup (virtual or online) that will be dubbed ‘The Icon Summit’ that will bring together teams and communities in the ecosystem.
  • Work on putting together a fintech solution customized for the African market to enable use of ICX in the local setting. This is already a work in progress and shall be a participant in the ICON Hyperhack.