ICON4Education, Not a Delegation Request, A Delegation should be challenging to receive like a Grant, or not awarded. Let's not turn this into "Wellfare Delegation" where P-Reps "justify their needs" for 1 to 2 Million ICX

We fully support this initiative being transparent with the community. This offers the Foundation a transparent way to actively let the applying teams know expectations in order to receive monthly delegations.

We believe an extra delegation to a team should involve a new project or support an expensive contribution that accelerates ICON that could not have been done with original rewards, not welfare or handouts. I am not saying we are currently giving out welfare or handouts at this point, but these delegations can turn into this if not strictly monitored.

A Delegation is not requested by our team but we still actively work and contribute to the ICON Network!

Thank You, Voters, below are our Contributions:

Family Values Blockchain Advocate- https://twitter.com/ICON4Education

Facebook Growth for ICON- https://twitter.com/ICON4Educati0n

The Future is ICON!