ICON P-Rep Community Meeting Notes - April 4, 2020

Below is a summary of the P-Rep meeting on April 4, 2020.


  • UBIK Capital
  • ICONation
  • POS Bakerz
  • Everstake
  • Interblock Tech
  • Piconbello
  • ICONbet Community P-Rep
  • Chainode Tech
  • ICON4Education
  • DeBlock w/ Stayge Labs
  • Espanicon

Topic 1: Interest in virtual Consensus


  • Participate in virtual Consensus?
  • Sponsorship?
  • ROI

Action Items: Upon further information from CoinDesk on this year’s virtual Consensus, create a concrete plan RE: sponsorship and participation. Incorporate more teams and take advantage of the event. Move forward accordingly.

Topic 2: IISS 3.0


  • Several teams discussed what they would like to see changed and discussed within the next foundation meeting.
  • Majority of teams agreed that it’s good for P-Reps to have “skin in the game” and contributing to the ICON network.
  • Several teams were not in support of the current bond requirement figure and wished to see iteration.
  • Several teams expressed that CPF rates may be too high and sub P-Reps should contribute.
  • How the CPF could be too centralized with ICON and affiliates having enough votes to veto CPF requests.
  • A few teams pointed out how exchanges could be incentivized to run several P-Rep nodes and just collect rewards.

Action Items: Present enhancements/suggestions to ICON Foundation in next foundation meeting. Move forward accordingly.


Thanks, everyone who joined!


Thank you for writing this up and to all who joined! I hope everyone is staying safe out there!