ICON Marketing by ICON Sweden | Delegation Program Application (June 2020)

ICON Marketing and ICONist Community Building

Team name : ICON Sweden P-Rep

Requested amount: 2,000,000 ICX

Public address: hx1cb5883939f2fd478e92da1260438aa1f03440ca

We can start it immediately. We already have several social media channels and involved in the community building for Telos (EOSIO Chain).

If we get good delegation we will make weekly videos and use YouTube, Facebook, Steemit, D.Tube, and other social media channels. We will also organize online and physical meetups. We will also connect with universities and enterprises to promote ICON.

In addition to English, we will also make videos (& Marketing Material) in Hindi, Urdu, Swedish, etc. to interact with local communities.

Best Regards.

That’s a lot of money for running a few social media channels.

It’s more than running channels. It is also making Videos and Marketing Materials to attract enterprises and universities.

Making videos it’s not so hard ! You can do it even in your free time😀 2million icx it’s crazy