ICON Hyperhack Hackathon: Report #1

  • Report Name: ICON Hyperhack (Hackathon)

  • Reporting Period: 2020.04.08 - 2020.04.20 (13 days).

  • Report Description: Since our project was approved 13 days ago, we’ve begun preparations for marketing, developer outreach, and organization of the hackathon. During this time, as a P-Rep that was 2 weeks old, we also had to spend a lot of resources, time and effort on all the logistics involving launching everything simultaneously: a P-Rep, accelerator, several partnerships, and subsequent execution of their action plans. These involved our partnership with ICX Station & BlockArrow Capital, hiring process, company registration, a lot of legal counsel and calls with several different teams and individuals, all of which were crucial for us to begin/streamline all our operations. Here are the foundations we’ve laid for ICON Hyperhack in the past 13 days.

  • Project Completion Percentage: 25%

  • Remaining Time to Completion: 3 months

  • Expected Results for the Next Period: Completed hackathon website(www.iconhyperhack.com), completed promotional materials, updated ICON report, accelerated developer outreach and marketing efforts.

  • Materials Proving Progress on the Project:

  1. Purchase and creation of ICON Hyperhack website (www.iconhyperhack.com: work in progress, described below).
  2. Creation of ICON Hyperhack Twitter account (www.twitter.com/ICONhyperhack).
  3. Creation of ICON Hyperhack Developers Telegram group (https://t.me/iconhyperhackdev).
  4. Calls with several P-Reps and teams regarding ICON Hyperhack including multiple calls with ICX Station, a physical meeting with the ICON Foundation, calls with Ubik Capital, ICON DAO and BlockArrow Capital. Every call resulted in a practical action plan to collaborate to expand the scale of the hackathon (developer outreach, marketing, networking).
  5. Hiring of designer to work with us on promotional graphics for ICON, ICON Hyperhack and logo design.
  6. Spoke with several developers and development teams regarding development, but we’re yet to hire a developer.
  7. Reached out to Seoul National University regarding the ICON Community Grant.
  • Review of each KPI (Key Performance Indicator) or specific goal/milestone
    ICON Hyperhack Website (www.iconhyperhack.com)
    So currently we’re focusing on creating a concise, beautiful, but simple long scrolling landing page that introduces people to ICON and the hackathon and can be a “bucket” to collect names & emails, and a following for our social media channels for the “ICON Hyperhack Hackathon.” It would be in English and Korean to begin with so that we can introduce this to Korean university groups too that we’re looking to reach out to via calls and emails. Later this site will also link to the hackathon website on www.devpost.com once it’s live, so it will serve as both a promotional website before and during the hackathon. ICON Hyperhack site will include:
  1. High level general intro on ICON
  2. High level info for ICON devs (why build on ICON, etc.)
  3. High level info on the hackathon
  4. All relevant official links where people can learn more about ICON.
  • This is the website we’ll be directing everyone to as we start tapping into all the networks we’ve been introduced to (from our calls as we described above) as we accelerate developer outreach, marketing, and making intros about ICON (calls, emails, etc.), and since we’re also going to be collecting emails and social media followings, we can update people on the hackathon details and also send them reminders and even updates on ICON as we get closer to our hackathon.

  • We’ve begun to work on the design and materials required for the site (as described above) and we expect the website to be completed in its entirety before the next periodic report on 2020/05/21.

  • In addition to this, we have other marketing strategies that we’ve currently planning/discussing with both the ICON Foundation and ICX Station, but they are currently in development and planning phases. We shall share these goals/KPIs once they are concrete and confirmed. Broadly speaking though, we plan to target the ICON community, the general crypto community, and the general community. Devpost will help us target its Devpost developer base.

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