ICON Forge Delegation Program Application (June)

Team name
ICON Forge

Public address

Links to relevant contribution to the ICON ecosystem


We are a quite new p-rep team so our first deliverables are currently planned to the end of the summer.

We believe that creating Project Nebula on the ICON blockchain will have a significant impact on the amount of transactions made on ICON. We also believe that launching a game will potentially spread ICON to a vast amount of people, especially to all those who are not actively involved in cryptocurrencies or ICON at all.
Should this project be successful, we will have established ICON as a serious competitor for other blockchains regarding game development.

Specific details for what increased delegation will do for your team
ICON Forge team currently has two core members who have been working full-time for the past 2 months on Project Nebula (we are also collaborating with a UI/UX designer and a sound engineer).
Additional delegation would increase the runway the ICON Forge team has to continue working on Project Nebula full-time, because we are currently self-funded.

And the requested amount
2 million