ICON DAO P-Rep Delegation Program Application

Hello everyone, enclosed is our application to the ICON Foundation P-Rep Delegation Program:

Team name: ICON DAO

Public Address: hx3d5c3ce7554f4d762f6396e53b2c5de07074ec39

Requested Amount: 2,000,000

ICON DAO Previous Select Contributions

ICON DAO May Contributions

1. Contribution towards ICON Foundation’s mission of building a decentralized and activated community network.

Previously ICON DAO, with use of ICONVote service, mobilized the community to directly participate in choosing i_rep for a Main P-Rep team. (https://medium.com/icondao/icon-dao-i-rep-vote-results-and-reflection-34c2af38e165).

As per ICON Foundation’s request to lower i_rep, ICON DAO has mobilized the community again to participate in a new vote to lower i_rep through community consensus and getting the community involved in deciding a major network change. A direct contribution towards ICON Network’s mission of a decentralized community network. (https://icon.vote/Proposal/ICONDAO/2)

2. Contributions towards ICON dApp expansion into a wider market.

  • ICON DAO x Nobel Peace Summit

ICON DAO announced negotiations with Nobel Peace Summit for not only use of our blockchain service Cryptobadge.app but also the use of ICON public chain service Broof. Since our announcement, we have received confirmation and are undergoing MOU signing between The Permanent Secretariat to the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates (The Nobel Peace Summit team) and ICON DAO for use and marketing of CAN CryptoBadge.app and ICON Network’s Broof service. For more information on this project: (https://medium.com/icondao/icon-dao-pushing-global-recognition-of-icon-network-nobel-peace-summit-use-of-blockchain-services-c07e6f95d8c0)

  • CryptoBadge x Broof Collaboration

CryptoBadge is a blockchain-based badge issuing service where users can store and share their various accomplishments, skills and reputation online. CryptoBadge is currently implemented by social media site Vingle.net, global non-profit organization World Vision and social impact accelerator Impact Collective. This collaboration entails the promotion and issuing of ICON Broofs to organizations that use CryptoBadge; increasing the Broof userbase and transactions for ICON network.

3. Continued Contribution Towards ICON Community Support

  • ICON DAO Kor - Eng Translations

ICON DAO is still one of ICON’s top Twitter Influencers (https://lunarcrush.com/influencers/ICONDAO) based on a strong continued social presence across numerous platforms. ICON DAO is committed to keeping the ICON community informed and supporting the global market reach of ICON Network through providing English translations of Korean news on behalf of the Foundation. Example works from May-June: (https://medium.com/icondao/binancekr-joins-myid-alliance-englishtranslations-13735c2c4ef4 ) +(https://medium.com/icondao/blockchain-company-joins-myid-alliance-english-news-translation-1db6894ecffc) +

  • ICON DAO Eng - Kor Translations

In addition to English translations, this month we have ventured into translating content and tutorials for ICON dApps from English to Korean in order to help our fellow P-Reps and global developers reach the Korean audience in the future. Example: MyICONWallet app tutorial Korean translation (Requested by RelientNode, original by Stakin):

ICON DAO Work-in-Progress and Future Contributions

  1. Contribution to global marketing and adoption of ICON Network services.

ICON DAO is continuing its efforts in designing and implementing a seamless blockchain-based system and process for the issuance of Badges and certifications for the Nobel Peace Summit community. Our efforts include, designing the process to be used at the Summit, technical training of the Summit team and acting as the on-call technical support team throughout the Summit. This will be a continued work in progress contribution leading up to the tentative September date of the Summit and afterwards, so continued delegation support for the month of June-July will assist us in covering the time, labour and legal services costs for this project.

  1. CAN ( Community Alliance Network) & ICON Network Integration

CAN Mainnet is a smart-contract blockchain specially designed for mass community usage. Focused on community and mass-collaboration services, CAN is built with customizable packages and services that allow developers, service providers and online user-generated communities to easily build their own decentralized communities. This opens a larger market for our network and ICON Network services that are integrated with our services.

Our current target markets include:

  • Social Impact, such as NGOs and social action projects and open governance projects.

  • The New Capital Market, targeting impact investment, community financing and open innovation acceleration.

Our efforts have materialized into partnerships with World Vision, WFUNA (The World Federation of United Nations Associations), Nobel Peace Summit, and other social good communities ready to be onboarded to our network and use our ICON integrated services.

Timeline for ICON integration

Continued delegation support will go towards fleshing out the following initiatives and supporting the labour and technical support costs that will be undertaken during Steps 2 & 3 of integrating CAN and ICON Network.

  • Step 1 Mar - May: CAN Network Stabilization

Stabilizing CAN Mainnet and CAN applications (CAN Pass, CryptoBadge, MOIM, Code In Force) in advance preparation of ICON Network integration. This stage is already completed.

  • Step 2 Jun - Nov: CAN-ICON Network Service Level Collaboration.

Pilot CAN-ICON service level collaboration to fully understand and exemplify how well CAN and ICON Network services work together. Nobel Peace Summit is the first testing-bed for this collaboration and a clear example of how integration with CAN benefits ICON Network in the long term as we secure more collaborations at this level.

  • Step 2.1 Jun - EOY: ImpactCollective.earth x ICON DAO

Impact Collective is a community-driven acceleration program for startups focused on opportunities in Asia. ICON DAO will be collaborating with Impact Collective to access, source and connect ICON Network with suitable projects from the acceleration program that stand to benefit from use of ICON technology and can add value-driven social good projects to the ICON Network.

  • Step 3 EOY: MOIM ICX Token Support

MOIM is a community building platform built using our CAN services for CAN Network. It is currently in the beta stage being tested by our partners’ communities Vake.io (WorldVision community) and Impact Collective (Impact Collective community). Our ICON DAO goal is to have our MOIM platform support ICX token as a payment option for in-app activities by communities and ICX wallet integration for community DAO voting.

Thank you for your time and consideration,