ICON Analytics Input and Discussion

Hello ICONists!

Your input is requested to inform the design of upcoming public data sources for the ICON ecosystem. Individual and corporate cryptocurrency users look for accessible high-quality real-time data sources, so Insight is building a public analytics stack to provide easy access to customizable metrics and the underlying data.

Since the ICON ecosystem is a diverse community with varied needs, we want to hear YOUR thoughts about priorities and visions for the analytics. Please voice your ideas here, and share this form with your peers who would utilize ICON data/analytics infrastructure. Your suggestions will help us shape the first set of data transformations we bring to the platform.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • How (un/)evenly is transaction activity distributed across wallets
  • Are there periodic trends in activity based on the time of day/week/month/year?
  • What is the distribution of votes for P-Reps, and how often are voters moving votes?

Please complete the feedback form to submit your ideas. Our initial analytics design will be based on survey responses submitted before Friday, July 17 at 5PM Pacific (Saturday, July 18 at 12:00 AM UTC), so be sure to respond before then!

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