iBriz-ICONOsphere Pilot delegation program application (June 2020)

Date of Submission:

Team name

Public address

Links to relevant contribution to the ICON ecosystem

Specific details for what increased delegation will do for your team
As per our previous proposal,Proposal for OpenDevICON initiative, we will continue to work on this initiative. We would like to share our progress and what would we do with the delegation for this month.

  1. Platform: We created OpenDevICON (ODI) gitbook. This will be the content repository for this project.

    Organization of content
    The content will be kept in following section headings. We will solicit some community feedback.

  • Jupyter Notebook
    i. Created a sample Notebook utilizing Dice SCORE
    ii. Managed deployment and interaction of Dice SCORE within the Notebook.
    iii. Using Jupyter notebook to do testing (Ongoing)

  • SCORE library

  • Tools and utilities(Planned)

  • Testing(Planned)

  • Education(Planned)

    We are also researching better ways to display the contents in the long run.

  1. Reaching out the community for collaboration (open-source)

    a. Insight (testing)

    • Had a meeting with @robcio to see how their team is approaching testing
    • Discussed creating a testing section in the ODI

    b. NFT

    • Justin – @2Infiniti -> Collaborate on the common telegram channel
    • https://www.iconforge.io/ also have a an already existing initiative on NFT. We are planning a meeting with them for ways to move forward.
    • Suggest a joint meeting between all parties that are interested in NFT. We are interested in having NFT games documentation.

    c. Outreach/ Promotion

    • @CoreyC - Outreach promotion of the concept and the platform
    • Reach out to developers and P-Reps for collaboration and contribution

    d. Testing

    e. Ambassador

    • Samson - Promote OpenDevICON in the Austin, US Area

    f. JavaScript Integration

    • @smilingbuddha - Incorporating best practices in front end development of the dApps, Javascript integration to the ICON development environment
  2. Events
    a. Presented at ICONDevelopers call
    b. Presented at a Webinar by Corey from Ubik Capital.
    c. P-rep meeting organized by Corey to be focused on ODI. (Scheduled for next p-rep meeting) (Planned)
    d. Workshops and Hackathons (Planned) -

    • NFT
    • DAO
    • Testing
    • Unit Testing
  3. ODI contributors

    • Inhouse team
    • Soliciting help from the larger community(Planned)
      • Collaboration call from ICONDevelopers Call
      • Collaboration call from Webinar done by Corey
  4. ODI website contents (Planned)

    a. Products

    • Best SCORE practice
    • SCORE library
    • Testing framework
    • Tools and utilities

    b. Learning

    • Docs
    • Video Tutorials

    c. Blogs

    • Articles

    d. FAQ
    e. About

    • Vision
    • Purpose
    • Goals
  5. Marketing/promotion of ODI (Ongoing)

    a. Social media assets

    b. Website : OpenDevICON.io

Requested Amount
2,000,000 ICX