How about creating a system for investors to support developers?

I don’t know if CPS includes this too, so I write.

It is used for this purpose.

  1. A business that has a good idea but is difficult to implement due to lack of CPS capital.

  2. It will be useful for developers who have done great development but do not have coins to reward them even if they stake. (A team that did great development and greatly developed the ICON ecosystem, but received few votes)

I have two ideas.

1.myiconwallt seems to be necessary to contain all of the icon ecosystem and to contain great messenger services and Bridge Pay.

  1. Establishment of various nft ecosystems (recalling the ico)

Raise funds from investors. It is said that if investors only provide their 1day interest, they will easily collect about 100,000icx.


I think that even with the current tools (the ones that will be released soon I mean) this should be availlable

As far as Im aware the CPS’s capital can actually be changed by a on-chain vote so in case that we have a ton of valuable projects and not enough capital, we can easily change that.

Also Balanced should be a nice addition to the above as in the cases where the CPS capital is not sufficient and/or some unexpected expenses occur, the dev team can withdraw a loan and continue building

In regards to the part where investors reward developers for their good work done, Im sure that anyone considering that can simply contact the team directly and send some rewards their way in a manner of seconds. Bridge will allow the use of fiat for that as well if that is something that needs to be considered

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Bring in Venture Capitalists to invest into the ecosystem.

There should be no hassle for investors to contact the developer and send the grant.
I am willing to support very little funding, but it’s annoying.

It should be possible for us to apply to a specific development team at the touch of a button easily in the wallet.
Also a button that collects general funds rather than applying to a specific development team is good.
When this is gathered, the p-reps can vote and use them where necessary.
If it is easy and convenient, someone will press it from time to time.
We also need a p-rep info window to do this support.

Button: Automatically provide 1day interest only or enter quantity