HOLA ICON Delegation Pilot Program Application

Team name: HOLA ICON
Public address: hxa615b432cb84c3f2ed22194b32df317b474ec2c9
Requested amount: 2 million


HOLA ICON has been involved with the ICON Project since the ICO in September 2017, in the beginning as any other ICONists, later, as a member of the hx57 team, and from October 2019, as a P-Rep.
Our aim is to expand the ICON Ecosystem and educate the community in all things related to it. We focus in the Spanish speaker community, the second largest in the world, through social media channels in different platforms and creating content tools and dApps which contribute to the real adoption.

Here can be seen more details about our candidature:


Links to relevant contribution to the ICON ecosystem:



HOLA ICON website was created with the aim to ease to any ICONists and new comers to access to the relevant information about the project in Spanish.
The idea was to have all that info and links about ICON Project in one single place. Therefore, in our website can be found:

  • Information about ICON and useful links (what is ICON?, ICON Genesis, ICX Delegation, Wallets)
  • Information about Blockchain in general (What is a Blockchain?, Crypto currencies, Smart Contracts, DeFi)
  • ICON dApps
  • Media (News, Videos)
  • Hola ICON content (Articles, Tutorials, Tools, ICONists section)

Website is updated in a regular basis.

• Articles:

o Deep dive about the ICON Project in Spanish (Part 1)

o Deep dive about the ICON Project in Spanish (Part 2)

o Deep dive about the ICON Project, companies behind, partnerships and collaborations with third companies or public/government institutions (Spanish)

• Tutorials:

o Learn how to create a wallet on ICONex (Spanish)

o Learn how to vote on ICONex (Spanish)

o Learn how to set up the Ledger Nano S as ICON Wallet and staking and voting from it (Spanish)

o MyIconWallet Android/iOS tutorial (Spanish)

• Videos:

o Video Promo of MyIconWallet (English/Spanish)

o Video Promo of ICONbet dApp (English/Spanish)

We are currently working on it. It should be launched by the end of June´20.

• Presence in Social Media Channels:

o Medium: https://medium.com/holaicon

o Telegram: https://t.me/ICON_Spanish

Channel created in July 2018.
922 Messages in June so far (up to 18/06/2020)

o Twitter: https://twitter.com/holaicon

Created when we started as a P-Rep.
307 tweets related to ICON

Besides this Twitter channel, each of the HOLA ICON team members has personal Twitter accounts. Ruben is the most active one and he is mainly focused in the ICON Project with over 3,000 tweets (https://twitter.com/NapiaRLT)

o Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPRVmcnoydto0NfHFj9qWMg?view_as=subscriber

Created recently, 3 weeks ago


o AMA & ICX Give away at Binance Spanish Telegram channel with over 10,000 members.

The AMA was carried out between the teams of Espanicon and HOLA ICON with the help of Piconbello and their tipcon bot.
2,000 ICX were given away between the 2 teams, 1,000 ICX each one.
Over 400 questions were received in 2 stages in less than 30 seconds. There was a massive attendance and interest.

• dApps:

We are also currently on the designing phase of a platform that would allow to easily bring tons of small games to the ICON ecosystem, without having to redesign the game economy around crypto currencies - just by having a leader board.

It would be a sort of an arcade machine in which you insert coins, a few ICX in this case, to be able to play one of the games in its library. At the end of the day, the collected coins of the arcade are distributed among the top rankers, minus a fee that would be for the game developer and for the platform itself.

We plan to start learning SCORE development in the coming months and start developing a proof of concept of the product. Afterwards, we would contact indie developers with fun, simple and probably unsuccessful games to give them a second life and a chance of success while also bringing awareness to the ICON Project.

Specific details for what increased delegation will do for your team:

HOLA ICON is applying to the Delegation Pilot Program with the aim of accelerating not only the awareness of the ICON Project within the ICONists and crypto community in general, but also helping the existing dApps to have a better marketing and so getting new users to their platforms.
We do think that the existing dApps in the ICON network need to have a greater exposure within the crypto community, and a way to achieve that is through promotional videos that call the attention of potential users and investors.

Our goal is to work close with every dApp within the ICON Ecosystem in order to create promotional videos for them. We estimate that we should be able to create a video every 1 or 2 months.
We recently made a promotional video for MyIconWallet with very limited resources. If we had access to more funds we would be able to pay for professional repository services and welcome a professional video creator within our team.

We also think that the ICON Project needs to get the same type of promotional videos, which not only explain what ICON is, its vision, what problems solve and its use cases, but also with a more attractive design, more creative, more artistic, more focused in promote rather than to explain.

People have an 8-second max video attention span, therefore, these videos must employ sound strategies in formatting and presenting the content to increase the odds that viewers stay watching until the end and make them wishing to know more about the product.

Our goal is to work in a completely different video of what has been seeing so far for the ICON Project. We estimate that such video could take us 4 or 5 months, depending on how busy we are with other creations. And we would need the support of the ICON Foundation, not only with funds but also providing us with good quality pictures and being in constant communication with them.

In addition to the marketing, and our normal work with the community and creating articles, tutorials, web, etc, we do think that the arcade machine has the potential to generate a huge quantity of transactions and attract a huge number of game developers willing to launch their games in it.

We know what we are able to do, a good marketing and a good platform to bring developers and users. We have the knowledge, we have the contacts, let us show you our potential, you will not get disappointed.