[Grant application] Metanyx Grant: ICONPay for Shopify



ICONPay for Shopify

Project Category


Project Description

To implement a ICONPay for Shopify similar to what has been done for ICONPay for WooCommerce. Direct wallet to wallet integration using ICX converting to local currency based on CMC API. In future this can also utilize stablecoins when available on ICON.


  • Functional integration
  • Associated Marketing materials
  • Source Code GPLv3 available on our Github

Metanyx have already created ICONPay for WooCommerce, source code is available https://github.com/metanyx-official. Video available https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dObZCx2kyg

Project Duration
3 to 6 months depending on accreditation with Shopify

Project Milestones

  • PoC of in Shopify Sandbox
  • End to End installable on to Shopify

Funding Amount Requested
250,000 ICX
50% upfront
50% on completion

Official Team Name

Team Contact Information
Telegram: @metanyx

Public Address


This proposal is applied to the ICON Community Grant program. ICON Foundation is going to review this proposal and leave the Review Result Comments on this post. Thanks.