[Grant Application] Icon Pixel Dapp Proposal

1. Title: Icon Pixel Game
2. Project Category: Development
3. Project Description: As Piconbello, we are proposing a game in which there is a screen with NxN tiles. Each tile is a pixel and is an ownable asset in the game, requiring ICX to buy. After having ownership of one/some pixels, players can fill pixels with colours they desire, draw something they choose or upload an image that has the same number of pixels they have.

Initially, all pixels are priced at a fixed price, let’s say 1 ICX for calculation simplicity. Then, if a user wants to have pixels that belong to another user, they need to buy them from that user, with a fixed amount of incrementation, let’s say 10%. Thus, this player needs to pay 1.1 ICX to the owner per pixel that he/she wants to buy. This incrementation goes on with every buy.

Our main aim is to create a free space in the ICON ecosystem in which people can engage freely, according to their ideas, acting as a playground for them. Main functionalities/concepts that people can utilize the game is as follows:

  • Players can buy pixel(s), overwrite others’ ownerships.
  • Players can draw whatever they desire to express their creativity, ideas, emotions, etc.
  • Players can use the pixels as advertisement space, advertising whatever they like.
  • By looking from a wider perspective, each contribution of each player creates a different screen, thus creates a creative and artistic environment.

Examples of This Game

This idea was implemented as a website initially, named as MillionDollarHomepage. It became a sensation instantly and many people used the website, bought pixels and designed their pixels according to their desires.

In April Fools’ 2017, Reddit made a collaborative project and a social experiment with a subreddit, /r/place. The screen had pixels that can be changed after 5 minutes. Enormous amount of users shaped the pixels and even subreddits organised as a whole to shape the pixels, creating a rivalry between subreddits. It was a screen worth seeing. The overall process can be seen from here. A pixelated American Flag art on /r/place screen can be seen from here.

EOS, another network in the blockchain environment, has a game like this, called EOS PIXEL MASTER. It is quite successful currently in terms of transactions, and one pixel might cost over 25000$.

Possible Ideas Regarding Our Design

  • As Piconbello, the first thing we want to have is having active users for this dApp. We have many ideas to ensure this is happening, however, they are in the draft phase only.
  • Since we are operating on a blockchain, we are considering implementing a query service in which people can see how the picture looked like at some block, between some blocks and so on. This makes sure their effort is stored in the blockchain and they can access it whenever they desire.
  • We can arrange rivalries between groups within the community, P-Rep vs P-Rep for example, to increase the usage and share the fun in doing so.
  • We can attract brands to have their advertisements on the screen, although they have never been in the blockchain sphere before. By using Fee 2.0, we can go mainstream since people will not even realize they are using blockchain in creating their designs.

4. Project Duration: 3 months

5. Project Milestones:

  • Contract Development(1 month)
  • Back-End & Front-End Development(6 weeks)
  • Testing(2 weeks)
  • Mainnet Release

6. Funding Amount Requested: Project costs around 10000$ in total, but we are requesting 8000$. We will collaborate with a development team that is proficient in creating blockchain applications. Costs are categorized as follows:

  • 2000$ for server infrastructure(paid by Piconbello)
  • 8000$ for development

7. Official Team Name: Piconbello

8. Team Contact Information:

Team Lead Emre
Piconbello (Telegram)
Piconbello (Twitter)

9. Public Address: hxfa6714e4ec784ae2176c416c46dc2c98b6ec9074

Initial Review Result Comments

Review Result


Review Comments

Interesting and fun use case of blockchain through fractional ownership that has previous examples of success. But, we are not sure if it is good use of ICX and also we think that this model is a bit old and not worth investing $8,000 ICX. Thank you for your apply.