FutureICX v2.0 monthly report #2 (EPICX)

Hey everyone! We know that you have not heard from us in a while and we apologize for the delay (because of some issues that we have encountered we had to request a one month delay for this progress report from the Icon Foundation team), however the most important thing is that we are back and we are working with full steam towards completing our gamified trading platform on the Icon chain.

Although we would not want to go into too much detail, the last two months have not been great for the progress of our project. We had to switch developers, encountered some technical issues and on top of everything one of our devs caught COVID, so our development has been significantly hindered. We have not been discouraged by all that though – we have used these hurdles as an additional motivation to improve our product and the development downtime as an opportunity to improve our platform’s core structure even further.

So, without further ado, lets see what we have been working on:

We have been thinking about this step for a while and although we are quite attached to our FutureICX game’s look, we believe that the new platform is evolving into something that is taking the gamified trading concept to the next level and to signify this, we are moving onward with a complete branding and design overhaul We are also setting a new name for the platform (EPICX), one that will fit much better the players’ experience on it.

That is not the only thing that is changing of course. We know that the players want something more than pure cosmetic improvements, that is why we have gathered extensive feedback from some of our regular players and based on it, aside from including new games and functionalities, we have decided to rework a significant part of the existing systems as well

The most significant change that we are implementing relates to our dividend system. We believe that we were able to amend the system in a way that it would be easier to follow and understand, and serve the players better at the same time. The new dividend structure on EPICX will be global (all games will contribute to and benefit from it) and will be processed by a tradable ICON-based coin. The decay structure will be removed, allowing the frequent players to stack up their coins and have the option to sell them (remove them from circulating supply), trade them with other players or simply keep them for an indefinite amount of time and get dividends from the platform’s activity.

Social media interactions are another area that we would like to improve in and with EPICX you will have the option to easily share almost any activity or update that you experience on the platform, thus being able to increase your affiliate count, attract players to your custom public price prediction challenge or simply brag or share your thoughts about a recent play that you have made

While discussing the current system with our players, an overwhelming opinion about extras that they would like to see in the future was a competitive leaderboard, something that could be used as a tool that will force skill improvement through rising in a competitive rank.

We have decided to go with such leaderboard for the game that would require most skill and strategy on our platform – Crypto duels. Upon the platform’s release the players will be able to play the 1v1 matches and upon dominating their opponent, they will receive points that will allow them to climb through the ranks. The separation of the leaderboard by division will give them the opportunity to gradually improve by facing tougher and tougher opponents as their skill increases. The division standing of each player will also be shown on the players’ profiles and social media share cards, giving each of them the extra authority and proof of skill when they show off their achievements or recruit affiliates.

The final thing that we would like to announce in this progress report is also by no means a minor update. With EPICX we will include the option for custom challenges – an option for players to organize a game, according to their own taste by setting up the timeframes, reward structure and submitting a private or public challenge for one of the 30 trading pairs that we plan on including on launch.

The community leaders will have an option to sponsor events with a custom prize pool and leave it open for the whole community or hand-pick the participants according to their own event rules.

A cut of the proceeds from all challenges throughout the month will also go towards a free-to-play system-generated monthly challenge where every Iconist will have the opportunity to see where they stand against the other traders and build up their bank from the ground up.

This is not by any means everything that we are working on – we hope that we will be able to provide some additional surprises and will be able to exceed our players’ expectations even further as with progress with EPICX in the following months.

Due to the complexity of the planned intra-platform interactions and the cohesiveness of the platform’s functions, we have decided that it would be best if we do not do a partial release but do a grand release of EPICX upon the full completion of the project (which we are aiming for the end of January).

Until then we will continue to provide updates and rely on your feedback and support so we can build the best possible product for our players!


Thank you team for the thorough update! Really excited for the future :sunglasses:


Looks great. Keep up the good work

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@ICON_ADMIN as the time for our next progress report is coming close, may I please confirm whether this one is approved or if there is some sort of issue that you see within it that we should fix?

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Thank you for your all efforts!

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