FutureICX Report #1

FutureICX is a gaming app aiming to provide an alternative way for experienced traders to benefit from their skills. By accurately predicting the daily/weekly price movements, the players would be able to generate solid profits even in cases of a slow market.

In the past month we were able to iron out most of the details concerning the overall app design, the basic functionalities and the structure of the reward system. Although we are very happy with our progress so far, our work on each of them is by no means finished and we will continue to apply small changes throughout the overall process in order to improve FutureICX even further.

Here are some of the improvements that we were able to make in the past month:

  1. UI/UX

During this first month of work our development team (Sharpn) moved gradually from the Devblockchain project onto FutureICX and while the production part of the team has focused on laying a solid foundation for the project, the UX/UI team iterated on graphic charts and identities, interface and user flows. To illustrate the most recent version of the app’s design we have included a preview screenshot and an interactive prototype linked below

  1. Storytelling

As our goal is to create an engaging and interactive experience for our future users and in order to immerse the players into our app even further, we have introduced a procedurally generated personal avatar for each user - the EYEcon! These little creatures will be the representation of our users on our DApps and will accompany them throughout their journey. Here is a little preview of some of them:

  1. Production

During this period the development team worked on 2 main tasks – we have started to integrate the platform and work on the centralized/static parts of the platform (frontend integration, backend, etc.), while at the same time we had to prepare the creation of the Smart Contract, map the planned processes, plan the SCORE structure, etc.

  1. Prototype

As being able to experience even a part of the described product could give a much better impression than a thousand words or photos, we have designed a prototype that can illustrate the basic design and give a proper overview of the platform


  1. Reward structure revamp

By applying a comprehensive randomized mid- to long-term simulation model, we have established an efficient way to structure our rewards distribution and to ensure that all players will find something in it that will suit their taste. Each player will be rewarded through:

Daily prediction – rewards distributed according to the player’s prediction accuracy for a specific day compared to the other players. Rewards 40% of the placed prediction amounts with a max multiplier of 4.5x for the most accurate players.

Weekly prediction – an alternative to the Daily prediction option for the players that prefer to look at longer trading periods. Identical rewards with 40% rewarded with a 4.5x max multiplier

Bullseye prediction – a weekly prediction type for the more confident/daring players. Offers a steep reward system with 15% of the prediction amounts rewarded, but with a strong 7x max multiplier - weekly returns that traders can rarely get even in the most powerful bull runs

Weekly reward pool – a reward pool, distributed on a weekly basis and rewarding the top performers throughout the week

Monthly reward pool - a pool rewarding the top performing players on a monthly basis

Weekly dividends – a pool distributed on a weekly basis, rewarding players for their own and their affiliates’ activity. Each prediction placed by the player or one of his affiliates generates affiliate points, providing a % cut of the total amount spend by all players on FutureICX in the next several weeks

In the past month we were able to complete a large part of the design, to set up a strong foundation by establishing the app structure and have started the development and integration of the basic app functions, however the exciting parts are yet to come. In the next month we will do our best to finalize the design and the internal structure, to hammer out most (if not all) of FutureICX’s functions and hopefully we will even be able to provide some live demos and/or a hands-on experience with the app to the community

We are very excited about FutureICX! Are you? :blush:

He’ll yeah I’m excited :heart_eyes:

Thanks for the great update team!


Great update and the Demo looks awesome!


It looks great. :star_struck:


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