DSNC Delegation Pilot Application - June 2020

Team name : DSNC

Public Address :

  • hx5dff0f5953e8cb0d50aaabff041a524e27718bd2

Links to relevant contribution to the ICON ecosystem :


Specific details for what increased delegation will do for your team:

First of all, this delegation will bring Trust from ICON to our team and the products we are building.

Second, it will help us grow and give us the confidence to keep working and building our new products on ICON network.

DSNC team are built on incredibly talented and experienced DevOps team with many contracts outside the blockchain, but we also proved we can build on blockchain as well and our product “Bounty ICX Lottery” is a good proof of that.

DSNC team is not related and it is not part of any other P-Reps teams as many others here and therefore we need this delegation to support us and keep build and creating our new products on ICON network.

Requested amount :

2,000,000 ICX