Chainode Tech - P-Rep Delegation Pilot Program Application

Team name

Chainode Tech

Public address


Relevant contribution to the ICON Ecosystem

Some of the main contributions (but not only) that we brought to the ICON Ecosystem are the following:

  1. The creation of the ICON Ecosystem portal (
  2. Conducted the #ICONweekly campaign on Twitter and Telegram since decentralization (the first campaign of this type - a summary of the most important news around the ICON Ecosystem)
  3. Creation of the ICON Exporter tool (perfect for exporting ICX transactions as CSV or Excel files for tax purposes or as a general overview)
  4. Funded and supported the integration of ICON Network on the State of the DApps platform (
  5. Active on Testnet - a really important & best practice for a perfectly working mainnet.

Specific details for what increased delegation will do for our team

Hello ICON Ecosystem community, we hope everyone is doing well!

Just like instructed by the ICON Foundation, we would like to resubmit our application for the P-Rep Delegation Pilot Program that we submitted at the beginning of the campaign (by using the provided form).

Our goal with the P-Rep Pilot Program is to completely restructure and build from scratch the portal, in order to transform it in the Nr. 1 ICON DApps, tools, news and events aggregator.

Important Mention: Since we first applied for the program, we already started working with a popular Berlin based designer which will be in charge of the design of the new ICON Ecosystem logo. Targeted release of the logo is beginning of July, 2020.

We were one of the first teams to join the ICON Network as P-Reps, and the creation of ICON Ecosystem identity was part of our Contribution Proposal. Our team built and released the current version of the ICON Ecosystem portal even before the decentralization took place, as a sign of our commitment to the ICON Project.

Because we started to build the portal before the decentralization, hence before starting to receive any rewards, we were not able to invest as much as we wanted into its design and structure. Since then, we received a lot of valuable feedback from the community and we also were able to see in this trial time what would really benefit the ecosystem and what improvements we could bring to the platform, its design and utility.

Our vision is to make the website the go-to place for any new or long term ICON community member, with or without a technical background. A place where all the relevant ICON DApps, tools, events and materials get the deserved exposure so that the everyday user can save time and energy for other relevant tasks rather than researching everything from scratch. We want to make the ICON Ecosystem a place where every community member can contribute, as we will also focus on crowdsourcing the information so that every user can bring his or hers contribution to the portal.

Why ICON Ecosystem?

  • It currently ranks number 1 on Google for the keyword „ICON Ecosystem“, something that almost every community member interested in information about the ecosystem uses;
  • We already created social media accounts around the ICON Ecosystem identity, and managed to build a strong following and engagement in the last year. The @ICONEcoystem Twitter account currently has 600 Followers — with 136 K impressions in the last 3 months — all organic results (no paid ads or promotion);
  • We will make sure, as until now, to promote all the quality ICON DApps and tools, and our long term goal is to create also the ICON Ecosystem DApp Accelerator, in order to invest and sustain the growth of relevant DApps and tools around the ICON Ecosystem.

Below, please find a detailed breakdown of our steps and structure that we are planning to follow with the new ICON Ecosystem portal:

  1. ICON Ecosystem rebranding

The rebranding of ICON Ecosystem was not included in our initial plan, but it made a lot of sense when we discussed about all the changes that we would like to bring to the platform. As much as we like the current logo which reminds us of our first steps as an ICON P-Rep, we are really excited to revamp it and create a new, fresh logo, slogan and identity. As mention at the beginning of this section the Logo is already in the works (yey!) and it will be revealed around the beginning of July, 2020.

  1. Rebuilding the ICON Ecosystem platform

2.1 Breaking down the Platform Concept

We do not want ICON Ecosystem to be a platform that is run by a single party, e.g. only the Chainode Tech P-Rep team. Similar to a decentralized project, we want to build the platform’s architecture in such a way that in the long run it can be self-sustainable with minimal help. How can we make this? By using the power of crowdsourced intelligence. Adding to that, while researching for DApp platforms (and funding the integration of ICON Network on State of the DApps) we noticed just how expensive it is to list a project/its DApps on a DApp aggregator. Sometimes, this reaches outstanding sums close to 30k USD. This is why, there are two main aspects that are important to us in the management and growth of the new ICON Ecosystem platform:

Crowdsourcing information. This means that every ICON community member can submit new ICON DApps to the platform, new events, new developed tools or educational content. This does not come to say that we will not be involved anymore in its management process, we will do everything that we did until now including the background work of approving and making sure that the information on the website is correct plus constant research in order to add the newest information to the platform. However, in the long run, the „stars of the show“ will be the ICON community members.

Free of charge listings. The goal of creating the ICON Ecosystem platform and identity was always and will always be the growth of the ICON Project. This is why, it is in our interest to promote and offer the deserved exposure to as many ICON DApps, tools and events as possible. It is in our long-term philosophy to never charge any listing or promotion through the ICON Ecosystem platform or social media channels.

2.2 ICON Ecosystem Structure & Menu

Ïn the following section we would like to offer a bit more insight into how we would like to structure the platform:

Get started. A sleek and comprehensive summary of what ICON Ecosystem is all about, great design and professional UI. This section will include basics like what is blockchain, what is ICON, available ICON Wallets as well as an FAQ section to get users onboarded in the ICON Ecosystem.

Developers. A section dedicated to developers with links to the most relevant materials to get them started on developing on ICON. Some examples are from ICON Foundation and from Sharpn. This section will also serve all the ICON community members that would like to go on a deeper level and learn more about programming on ICON, DApp creation, building on the ICON Blockchain or understanding how the ICON project works on a technical level.

Community. This will include:

  • DApps (with DApp submission form): the section on the platform where all the ICON DApps can be found (both existing and upcoming). It will also include stats related to the number of DApp users, transactions, volume, etc.
  • Tools (with Tools submission form): all the ICON tools will be available in this section, from Staking tools, Telegram bots to tools available on Github that can be used for the further development of ICON.

Resources. This will include:

  • News: all the official news sources and newest articles will be found here, so that the community does not miss any single ICON update.
  • Tutorials: from installing the ICONex wallet, to staking guides, to deploying an ICON DApp, all the existing tutorials and step-by-step guides will be gathered in one go-to place on our platform for the whole ICON community.
  • Vlogs: Here we will be sharing all the available ICON video materials, from interviews, events videos or video project summaries.

Technology. Will present different core technology features of ICON, which can be found in the whitepaper, yellowpaper or blogs, for example describing the new LFT 2.0.

Events (with Events submission form). This section will include all the relevant ICON events, from P-Rep meetings, to official upgrade dates of the ICON blockchain, new DApp releases, etc.

As the development of the ICON Ecosystem platform is a dynamic process, all the above mentioned features are subject to change. We will do our best work in making sure that the platform will be one to make the ICON project and community proud and become the go-to place for every new or long term ICON supporter. Thank you!

Requested amount:

2,000,000 ICX