Buying votes - is it good for network?


I noticed many teams now reward voters with more staking percentage or even give airdrops.
While this may seem great to voters as they get more % and new airdrops, what about influence on other p reps earnings?
This way some p rep team can get even 100% of votes though their influence on Icon success may be small.
I believe this should be tackled in some way to reduce this huge spike.
What is a fair way to reward p reps?
One way I would tackle this is to reduce number of votes to this teams to some %. For example, if p rep team gives rewards back, than you can vote only 7% for them. If team gives airdrops, than you can vote only 7% for this team. I dont know, but really what is a point to give 100% of votes to one p rep who is earning fortune, and than impact on Icon network is minimum and he may even dump coins which are not used for development.


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