Block42 delegation program application

Team name: block42
Public address: hx168d2cfe6d73acb8cb690d3abda54d3af266addf
Requested amount: 2 million

We believe that we can help govern and develop on the ICON network and extra rewards would speed up the process of our development. In the past, we have been creating various tools for the community (which we still intend to improve) but lately, our focus has shifted toward DeFi. In recent months cryptocurrency space has been rapidly growing especially projects that are involved with DeFi. While we are already building the foundation for DeFi with LICX, we already have plans to create more useful Dapps on top of it and connect it so that the ICON network and it’s users can enjoy all the benefits of DeFi.

We are quite transparent with all of our contributions and how our rewards are spent as we provide regular updates in the form of medium posts. The following medium posts list our past contributions and our current work on the ICON network block42’s contribution to the icon network

Here is a list of our contributions:


Blog posts

We are providing education and information to the community you can see all of our blog posts regarding the ICON network here.



Added STIN project to our development section