Assembly robot game ideas( nft )

This is an idea that suddenly came to mind.

This is an upgraded version of Lego. You can assemble robots in 3D and expand them to war.

  1. Like Lego, you can buy and assemble finished products.
  2. You can buy individual parts and build your own robot.
  3. By expanding, you can also war.

It looks like it will be very successful. It would be nice if someone tried to develop it as an icon platform.


Hey Yeol - you comment often on this forum and I appreciate your excitement about ICON! As a way to get more traction to your posts, I would recommend picking something that you are really really passionate about, then spending some time on a more formal proposal so others can really do something with it. As it stands, I’ve seen a lot of good ideas but not really able to do anything with them. Perhaps you could consider the CPS or working with another team within ICON to make one of these ideas come to reality.


Hi Yeol,

I (Tono) was thinking something in line with your idea, although not as quite interesting as you have put together. We are venturing into the NFT space, and we may take up on your idea, if that is alright with you. I will discuss this with my other team members internally and get back to you on it. I personally really like your idea(s)!

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War idea
Robot’s combat power (personal thinking) -Set the basic combat power between parts and pieces to give a sense of reality.

  1. Less than 19 parts-0 combat power, (Can’t war, feel like a worker)
  2. 20~49 parts-5 combat power
  3. Parts 50~99- Attack Power 10
  4. Parts 100~199 Combat Power 20
  5. Combat power of more than 200 parts 30

-You can grow your own robots and characters with other equipment.
Equipment can only be obtained by random drawing. Random drawing is possible for each part, but the cost is a little more expensive.
(Weapons, helmets, armor, pants, accessories, artifacts, etc.)

How about later collaborating with Project Nebula to create a war system?
It’s about adding a race and making the scale bigger. The better the planet is, the more advantageous it is when it comes to war.

Truly a 20-year game!